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А. As for Mandakh University

  • By the order of  No.A/78 issued by Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Sport of  Mongolia  on February 26, 2018,   “Mandakh Burtgel University” has changed its name as “Mandakh University”.
  • Mandakh University has been accredited by the Mongolian National Council for Education Accreditation at national level for the third time.
  • Information Technology Department has been expanded as School of Information Technology under the Mandakh University.
  • Mandakh University moved to the new building complex with modern equipped classrooms, office rooms, sport gym, canteen and library that was built in the center of Ulaanbaatar city.  
  • Mandakh University received a title “The Best Enterprise” from the World Confederation of Businesses.
  • Signed in the MOU on cooperation between Mandakh University and Virginia University, USA.
  • Established an Agreement on cooperation between Mandakh University and Development Solutions NGO and commenced activities of Centre of  Entrepreneur for Students.
  • Within the social responsibility, it was  repaired and improved the road and adjacent area of the Mandakh University with worth of 15 million MNT.
  • Mandakh University has been accredited by the Mongolian National Council for Education Accreditation to award Master’s degrees for Business Management.
  • Commenced to operate training program for Doctor’s degree.
  • Newly opened the day academic program for Engineering and Economy.

B. As for Lecturers

  • Ms. Narantsetseg Amarsanaa, Senior Lecturer, Mongolian CPA and Certified Appraiser, has received a Doctor’s degree (Ph.D) in Accounting at the Kookmin University of Republic of Korea.
  • Mr. B. Ganbagana,  Lecturer of Accounting Department , has won the first place at he 5 th National olympiad for “Tax accounting”- 2018.
  • Associate Prof. Mr. Kh. Nyambayar, Associate Prof, Doctor (Ph.D). Ms. S. Gantsetseg, Senior Lecturer Ms.D. Sarantuya and Junior Lecturer Mr.J.Gantulga have been awarded with Diploma of  Honor along with laptop computers for their active  work and great contribution to the implementation of curriculum reform for 2014-2018.
  • Ms. Sh. Nandintsetseg , Lecturer of  Department of  Foreign Language, Mr. J.Gantulga, Lecturer of  Economics and Business Department and  Mr.B.Munkhbat,  Program Officer, have been awarded  with the  title of  “Best Lecturer”, “Best Junior Lecturer” and “Best Officer”  for 2018, respectively.  
  • Mr. Ch.Turbadrakh, Associate Prof and Doctor (Ph.D) has attended the International  Scientific Conference, Republic of  Korea with the role of Chairperson of Panel session and Research  paper speaker.  
  • Lecturers of Mandakh University have contributed to the design of  textbook “Advanced  Engineering testing”.
  • Mr. Ch.Turbadrakh, Associate Prof and Doctor (Ph.D) has been invited to the International CAMS-2018 Conference, Australia  as “Invited speaker”.
  • Prof. Ms. G.Nanjid,  President  of  Mandakh University, has been awarded with  the title of  “Honored Professor”  by the Academic Council of  Europe Business Assembly, in Oxford , UK.   
  • Mr. L. Dansranbavuu, Lecturer of  Economics and Business Department has presented his research paper on “Globalization and Financial Development Impacts on Economic Growth” at  the   International conference on Science Application and Development Solution -2018 which was organized at the Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan and
  •  Ms. N. Selenge,PhD and Lecturer of  Science and Engineering Department has won the 1st prize for her research paper titled “Trends on Mongolian population during 100 years” for the scientific conference hosted by the National Statistics  Office of Mongolia under the theme of “ General picture of Mongolian population and socio-economic events  in the 20 th century and demographic issues”
  • School Library of Mandakh University has received an award “The Year’s Emphasized Creation for 2018” from the Mongolian Libraries Consortium.
  • Mandakh University has sponsored and published the textbook “Finance” which was translated by Dr. Mr. A. Ganzorig in cooperation with  Lecturers of Economics and Business Department and made it available to the public.
  • Lecturers Mr. B. Sodjavkhlan and Ms. D. Munkhjargal of Darkhan-Uul aimag  branch school have received the titles “Best Officer in Education” and “Best Officer in Accounting”, respectively. 
  • Ms. B.Battsetseg, Senior Officer  and Ms. Yo. Ariunchimeg, Program Officer of Academic Office, Lecturers from Darkhan-Uul  branch school Ms. B. Oyuntsetseg  and Ms.B. Mendbayar, have been awarded with the Certificate of Ministry of  Education, Culture, Science and Sport while Lecturers  from  Darkhan-Uul aimag branch school, Ms. E. Ulziikhishig and Ms.Ts. Enkhbileg have been awarded with the Certificate of Ministry of Finance.

C. As for Students


  • Ms. G.Munkhtuvshin, junior student in Accounting -Audit of Mandakh university and Mr. E.Ganzorig, senior student  in Accounting -Audit of Darkhan-Uul Aimag branch, have been granted the Prime Minister scholarship awards.
  • Mandakh University has won bronze medal from traditional national olympiad for accounting.
  • Ms. G.Munkhtuvshin, junior student in Accounting -Audit, Ms. O.Sarangua, junior student in Accounting -Bank and G.Narantsatsral, senior student in Accounting -Audit have been selected for the “Future Leader” scholarship program announced  by “Monnis” Group  to grant 100 % of school tuition fees. 
  • P. Tsagaankhuu, junior student of Accounting-English program, E. Delgermaa, junior student of Accounting-Tax program have won the 2nd place and B.Anu,freshman student of Accounting-Statistics program has won the 3rd place from the International Scientific Conference of Students organized by the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics University in Mongolia, under the theme of “Economy and innovative development”.
  • The campaign for donation of books was conducted among Mandakh University lecturers and students, and more over 3000 collected books were sent to the secondary schools of seven soums in Govi-Altai aimag.
  • As a tradition, Mandakh University students participated in the fall harvest of Gatsuurt LLC. 
  • By the initiative of sophomore students of Accounting-English program to collect donation for repairing and equipping children’s room after surgery of the Centre for injury  and trauma of Mongolia, was organized and handed over it to the management of  the hospital.