The aim of the program

The aim of the program is to prepare competent experts for marketing who obtained both theoretical and practical knowledge complying with international market, abilities for research and independent creative thinking as well as gained high communication skills and foreign language knowledge.

The knowledge obtained from the program

  • Basic knowledge of humanities, social studies, mathematics and statistics, information system to be studied compulsory by Bachelor students
  • Basic knowledge of Marketing
  • The ability to develop business related documents, participate in the business relations
  • Professional English and other foreign language knowledge
  • The theoretical knowledge based on design and art feelings, optimal solutions
  • Basic knowledge of economics, micro and macroeconomic theories, accounting, finance, marketing, management, information technology
  • The ability to conduct research work within the professional sphere, plan and organize activities
  • Personal development, communication skills, creative thinking skills, ability to make a presentation, use information technology and develop leadership skills

The skills and experience obtained from the program

  • Able to make marketing management decision, conduct survey on status of the company, develop strategic policy to be included in marketing plan, work in teams
  • Able to make an optimal decision for operation by identifying service marketing specifics, incorporate right service strategy in the marketing plan based on company’s present situation
  • Able to use appropriate research tools when doing analysis based on data and collected information according to the stages of research work, do analysis by capturing core assumptions of any issues
  • Able to use appropriate activation tools for marketing
  • Able to plan and develop strategy based on analysis of information on foreign markets
  • Able to identify customer behaviors, lifestyles, psychological factors and explain the results and effects for making decision to purchase
  • Able to obtain the knowledge of legal process for registering, protecting and ownership oftrademark, create new brands, conduct brand development as well as to develop a comprehensive marketing planfor company’s brand strategy
  • Able to develop and implement a Social marketing program based on public views and ideas, establish long-standing and friendly relationships with customers as well as to organize, manage and control activities focused on promoting sustainable business development
  • Able to conduct promotional activities, preparing web introduction and advertising banner about company’s marketing, plan a strategy to deliver information to the targeted segments through the internet.  
  • Able to advertise the company’s products to the public by choosing appropriate media tools, calculate possible budget for advertisement and measure the efficiency of this  activity
  • Able to create and develop legal documents of the company, pursue a professional morality and develop self-confidence
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The advantage of the program

Through this program, MU students are able to be engaged in the Dual degree program of Mandakh University and Foreign Partner Universities. After completion of this Bachelor program, the students can continue their further studies for Master degree programs in Accounting, Finance, Bank, Insurance and Business Administration.

Name of the program: Marketing

Major: Marketing management

Index: 041401

Educational level of entrants: Secondary or high school education

Study: Day classes

Duration of study: 4 years

Core courses of the program

  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Fundamentals of Finance
  • Financial management
  • Fundamentals of Statistics
  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Strategy management
  • Customer behavior

Professional courses

  • Marketing management
  • Service marketing
  • Sales management
  • Marketing survey
  • Marketing communication
  • International marketing
  • Company marketing
  • Brand management
  • Internet marketing
  • Business policy and planning
  • Professional English II
  • Economic modeling
  • Cost accounting
  • Marketing audit
  • Financial analysis and planning


  • Marketing manager and officer
  • Brand manager and officer
  • Sales manager and officer
  • Market researcher
  • Advertising manager and officer
  • Public relations manager
  • Sales and logistics manager
  • Public relations officer for government organizations
  • Import and Export manager