Economics and Business Department

List of students’ research work topics

Supervised by S.Tsolmon, Doctor (Ph.D) and Associate Professor

  • Legal environment of governance and pressing issues
  • Opportunity to improve the governance evaluation methods
  • The factors affecting good governance

Supervised by B.Natsagdorj, Doctor (Ph.D) and Professor

  • Main issues of macroeconomics
  • Policy of macroeconomics
  • Risks of financial institutions

Supervised by G.Bilgee, Doctor (Ph.D) and Associate Professor

  • Organizational change and reform management
  • The opportunity to assess and improve production productivity
  • The opportunity to control and reduce production expense

Supervised by B. Sainjargal, Lecturer

  • Market segmentation
  • Customers’ behaviors
  • Choose activation methods correctly

Supervised by J.Gantulga, Lecturer

  • Assessing the interdependence of monetary policy and economic growth
  • The impact of financial sector on economic development
  • Role of financial intermediaries in the economic development 

Supervised by P.Nasanjargal, Lecturer

  • Determining motivation policy considering on specifics of sectors
  • Incorporate employees’ behaviors into human resource policy
  • Choose a strategy based on the organization’s resources

Supervised by A.Dulguun, Lecturer

  • Government involvement in the international trade
  • Efficiency of change management

Supervised by G.Erdenetsogt, Lecturer

  • Improving investment package
  • Improving scoring methods of Creditor’s assessment
  • A study of factors affecting Fintech

Supervised by S.Munkhtsetseg, Senior Lecturer

  • Macroeconomics issues
  • Foreign trade and balance of payments analysis
  • Factors affecting corporates’ products and services, supply and demands

Supervised by L.Dansranbavuu, Lecturer

  • Budget revenue formulation
  • Effectiveness of budget expenditures
  • Foreign debt issues

Supervised by M. Januzakh, Lecturer

  • Work-family conflict management
  • Effects of employee’s behavioron productivity
  • Customer’s behavior and decision of purchase


Accounting Department

List of student’s research work topics

Supervised by Kh.Nyambayar, Associate Professor

  • Some issues to improve the accounting of fixed assets
  • Evaluation issues with Financial reporting purpose

Supervised by A.Narantsetseg, Doctor (Ph.D)

Supervised by M.Enkhsuren, Senior  Lecturer

  • Legal environment reform of taxation
  • Implementation of International standards on Auditing(ISA) 700 and 705
  • The research on Impact of Tax law reform on the corporate’s financial reporting
  • The law on Corporate income tax reform and effects of deferred taxation
  • The effect of Covid-19 on financial and tax reporting
  • Ethics of professional accountants and research on false reporting dependence
  • Cash management of large and small entities
  • Increasing the profitability of manufactured products
  • Professionalism in accounting: Five-factor model of ethical decision making
  • Calculating life cycle cost in construction sector



Supervised by D.Tsevelmaa, Senior Lecturer

  • Sector reporting
  • Implementation of Taxation law and risks
  • Price transfer and reporting
  • International taxation
  • Related parties and interdependent parties
  • External audit
  • Research on the factors affecting tax evasion
  • Tax issues of Representative office

Supervised by Sh.Tsetsegjargal, Lecturer

  • Activity based costing system
  • Calculating the cost of agricultural production products and preparing budget and reports
  • The opportunity to support Small & medium enterprises (SMEs)through financial mechanism
  • Balanced assessment system

Supervised by Ts.Odgarav, Lecturer

  • Stock market and its related issues
  • Social responsibility and its related issues

Supervised by E.Enkh-Amgalan, Lecturer

  • Agricultural accounting and tax issues
  • Pressing issues for implementing IFRS
  • Local tax issues
  • Some issues of social insurance system


Supervised by Z.Undarmaa, Lecturer

  • Some problems related to Consolidated financial statement  IFRS  10
  • Corporate accounting problems
  • Investment accounting problems, IFRS 9, IAS 28,  IFRS 3

Supervised by G.Khandsuren, Lecturer

  • Implementation of IFRS
  • Cost calculation methods, approaches, and their use

Supervised by G.Zolboo, Lecturer

  • Some issues for measuring the impairment of an asset
  • Some issues of income recognition

Supervised by B. Ganbagana, Lecturer

  • Audit risk assessment
  • Internal audit approaches and efficiency
  • Modern accounting and digital economics
  • Implementation of Taxation law ( construction sector)
  • Investment  assessment ( mining sector)

  Supervised by T.Zolboo, Lecturer

Science and Engineering Department

List of student’s research work topics

Supervised by Ch. Turbadrakh, Doctor (Ph.D), Associate Professor

  • Issues in Higher education studies
  • Comparative research on socio-economic situation of the countries
  • Issues to develop feasibility
  • Engineering design and determination its damage by non-destructive testing
  • Engineering estimation and economic analysis

Supervised by N.Dalaisaikhan,Senior Lecturer

  • Statistical methods for analyzing data
  • Application of statistical analysis methods
  • Using index methods for the factor analysis study

Supervised by D.Bulgantamir, Senior Lecturer

  • Usage of Google Application
  • Cloud system
  • Online training
  • Information and technology
  • Internet use
  • Microsoft Office use

Supervised by J.Narantuya, Lecturer

  • Relationship between humans and computers
  • Machine training
  • Data exploration
  • Information system
  • Computer network

Supervised by S.Ankhbayar , Senior Lecturer

  • Statistical analysis methods
  • Using index methods for the factor analysis study
  • Student development issues
  • Develop study by using SPSS program

Supervised by O.Battuya, Doctor (Ph.D)

  • History, ethnography, socio-cultural anthropology
  • Ethnographic study
  • Ethnic processes in Mongolia
  • Research on ethnic groups along the  Mongolian and Russian border (on the example of the Buryats)

Supervised by B.Asralt, Doctor (Ph.D) and Professor

  • Issues to improve transport and logistics operations
  • Improve urban public transportation system
  • Logistics management of enterprises and establishments
  • Improve freight operations between urban and rural areas

Supervised by M.Munkhgerel, Lecturer

  • Methods to determine resource of Internal combustion engine

Supervised by J.Chimgee, Doctor (Ph.D) and Professor

  • National Security of Mongolia
  • Economic Security issues
  • Issues of Foreign trade facilitation
  • Customs Logistics issues
  • Anti-Drug Strategy
  • Strategic & Stress management

Supervised by M.Gankhulug, Lecturer


  • The current state of Mongolian Youth’s moral education
  • Mongolian tradition of nature conservation


Supervised by D.Tuvshinjargal, Doctor (Ph.D)

  • Research on agricultural production technology and equipment

 Supervised by Ts.Tsolmon, Lecturer

  • Renewable energy economy and energy loss

Department of Foreign languages

List of student’s research work topics

Supervised by S.Gantsetseg, Doctor (Ph.D), Associate Professor  

  • Comparative research on Mongolian- English idioms
  • Features of National thoughts for learning English
  • Economic, social and cultural evaluability ​​of foreign language teaching
  • Research on interdependence between language and culture
  • Acquisition of spiritual education
  • Learners of the 21st century
  • Sustainable development and education
  • Cultural immunity and national identity

Supervised by S.Namuun, Lecturer

  • The ways to increase learners’ interests and activeness in learning
  • Effect of learners or students’ communication skills, attitudes and development on their learning activities
  • The issues to improve students’independent learning methods
  • Factor analysis on successful learning
  • How to motivate yourself to learn foreign languages?

Supervised by Z.Telmuun, Lecturer

  • Comparative research on Mongolian- English language
  • Foreign language learning
  • Tourism in Mongolia
  • Enrichment of foreign language vocabulary through consumption
  • Realizing learning motivation
  • Optimal translation for emerging foreign language terminology
  • Learn English by using in everyday life
  • Learn foreign languages using an online environment
  • Increase learners’ research abilities

Supervised by B.Baatartsogt, Lecturer

  • The issues related to investment accountingand reporting
  • The issues related to income recognition
  • Implementation ofIAS in public sector

Supervised by T.Sumiya, Associate Professor

  • Linguistics (terminology and metaphor study) 
  • Education study (Foreign language teaching method)
  • Health education

Supervised by N.Aruinaa, Senior Lecturer

  • Study for land and river names
  • Using e-learning tools
  • Odd words and their use
  • Extensive reading methods

Supervised by I.Doljinsuren, Lecturer

  • Linguistics
  • Psychological linguistics
  • Neuro linguistics
  • Applied linguistics
  • Study on national unique words
  • Comparative research on Mongolian- English language
  • Comparative research on Mongolian- English proverbs
  • Education science
  • Teaching methods

Supervised by Sh.Nandintsetseg, Lecturer

  • Comparative research on professional English program
  • Extensive reading methods
  • Modern teaching active methods
  • Develop reading skills
  • Foreign language teaching methods
  • Education science

Supervised by J.Tugsuu, Senior Lecturer

  • A study on factors affecting the success of Foreign language learner
  • The opportunity to improve academic achievements by developing emotional awareness
  • The issues that the learners’ attitudesaffect their learning outcomes
  • Study on students’ role in social development
  • The features of Mongolian students’ learning abilities
  • The issues of English-Mongolian translation
  • Personal development issues
  • The issues on how affect Business English knowledge on economic development

Supervised by E.Oyun-Erdene, Senior Lecturer

  • Education science
  • Foreign language teaching methodology
  • Translation theory and methodology
  • Linguistics
  • Research methodology
  • Sustainable development and education

Supervised by T.Oyun-Erdene, Lecturer

  • The way to use generative linguistic theory in the English grammar lesson
  • Develop English writing skills
  • Efficiency of English lesson homework
  • Features of professional English course
  • Innovative methods and approaches to modern teaching

Supervised by S.Sainzaya, Lecturer

  • The opportunity to develop English language skills
  • Comparative research on English-Mongolian linguistics
  • The opportunity to use IT in training
  • Issues on foreign language teaching methodology