Academic Office

Academic Office

Our university’s Academic Office supports and facilitates higher educational activities of the university, with regard to the University's statutes as well as Higher  Education laws and relevant legislation.

The Academic Office coordinates all academic processes from registering new students to their graduation of the university.

The office employs a total of 7 people; a Senior Officer, 3 Program Officers, 2 Student Affairs Officers and a Head of the office.

The goal of the Academic Office

Organizes and coordinates the implementation of academic programs of MU according to the relevant regulations and legislations; supports students’ learning activities; provides necessary advice and service.

Objectives of the Academic Office

  • To control the implementation of curriculum; provide continual educational activities
  • To coordinate the implementation of Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degree programs; plan educational activities in compliance with appropriate academic standards
  • To organize educational activities, with regard to curriculum, work plan and course schedule
  • To deliver and inform the students regarding the academic policies and procedures as well as thedecisions made from university administration though academic departments and units
  • To receive and deliver students ’requests and complaints to the management of the university and relevant academic departments and units for further resolution

Main functions of the Academic Office

  • Receives and registers the documents of new students, then records in the database of the university
  • Decides whether the students are available for semester’s examination as well as final examination
  • Develops a draft of President’s order and decision on the issues of students’ further studies, temporary leave, withdrawal from the university and course offerings
  • Administers all supporting activities for faculties and students including learning assessment, curriculum implementation, online course, and coordination of programs
  • Approves course schedule and semester planning according to current academic year calendar
  • Produces statistical data on academic performance, students’ achievements
  • Reviews academic work plan of faculties and controls its performance
  • Assists academic departments to conduct online lessons
  • Provides academic counseling for students
  • Supports student’s clubs activities and cooperates with public organizations

Сургалтын албаны амжилтаас

  • 2010 оны “Шилдэг ажилтан” Ё. Ариунчимэг
  • 2011 оны “Шилдэг ажилтан” Б. Батцэцэг
  • 2017 оны “Шилдэг ажилтан” Ц. Отгонцэцэг


Staff members of the Academic Office