“MANDAKH ERDEM” scientific journal

Publisher: Mandakh University

Goal: Publicize innovation and new ideas raised by scholars, researchers and scientific professionals through their research works and scientific papers.

The journal is frequently published semi-annually and it issues scientific works in the fields of accounting, finance, economics, humanities, education, engineering and information technology.   

Editorial  Council

Director  G.Nanjid, Professor

Editor-in-Chief Ch.Turbadrakh, Doctor (Ph.D), Associate Professor

Secretary  A.Narantsetseg, Doctor (Ph.D)


R. Batjargal, Doctor (Ph.D), Professor

L.Enkh-Amgalan, Doctor (Ph.D), Professor

B.Natsagdorj, Doctor (Ph.D), Professor

G.Bilgee, Doctor (Ph.D), Associate Professor

D.Badarch, Doctor (Ph.D), Professor

B.Tsetsgee, Doctor in Science, Professor

S.Gantsetseg, Doctor (Ph.D), Associate Professor

S.Tsolmon, Doctor (Ph.D), Associate Professor

Foreign members

Jaekyung Yi, Doctor (Ph.D) , Professor, Kookmin University, Korea

Masaaki Aoki, Doctor (Ph.D), Professor, Tohoku University, Japan

Andrii Kostryzhev, Doctor (Ph.D), Associate Professor, Wollongong University, Australia

Dee Jitaree, Doctor (Ph.D), Associate Professor, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Journal issues