The aim of the program

The aim of the program is to train well-qualified business management experts who are professionally competent for bank management, and who conform to the national and international higher education standards, the requirements of employers and ensure professional ethics and transferable skills.

Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes from General and Business Core Curriculums

  • PLO 1.1 Fundamental academic knowledge of humanities, social sciences, foreign languages, mathematics and information systems which must be acquired by professionals with Bachelor degree
  • PLO 1.2 Methodological knowledge of corporate governance evaluation, financial auditing, representing the organization on the financial market
  • PLO 1.3 Knowledge of finance basics, risk analysis and management necessary for acquisition of banking profession
  • PLO 1.4 Theoretical and methodological knowledge of banking accounting, banking administration, risk administration, loan policy, analysis, assets valuation, banking auditing, investment and international financial administration
  • PLO 1.5 Knowledge of professional and business ethics of a banker
  • PLO 1.6 Skills of self-developing, using information technology, giving presentations, creative thinking, communication and personal development.


Knowledge, Skills and Attitude from Curriculum in Banking

  • PLO 2.1 Skills of making decision and evaluation on the company prospect and making decision
  • PLO 2.2 Skills of scrutinizing and receiving banking, financial management and tax reports, analyzing the reasons for fluctuations in the report indicators and giving conclusion
  • PLO 2.3 Skills of gaining new knowledge, develop reports by using information technology of banking and keep studying/learning creatively and constantly
  • PLO 2.4 Skills of conducting analysis, loan research and keeping the reports of banking accounting
  • PLO 2.5 Skills of making financial analysis, implementing resource administration, computing the results of activity, defining some ways of eliminating risks
  • PLO 2.6 Skills of making financial decision, conducting financial analysis of the organization, deploying the resource administration, estimating benefits of the activities and defining risks
  • PLO 2.7 Skills of interpreting the results of researches and conducting internal auditing
  • PLO 2.8 Skills to work in teams, adhere to ethical principles, respect decision made by the colleagues as well as to supervise others and be supervised by others. 
  • PLO 2.9 Skills of promoting self-development, working in teams, composing legal documents of the organization
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The advantage of the program

Through this program, MU students are able to be engaged in the Dual degree program of Mandakh University and OUS Royal Academy of Economics and Technology in Switzerland

Name of the program: Banking

Major: Bank management

Index: 041203

Educational level of entrants: Secondary or high school education

Study: Day classes

Duration of study: 4 years


Core courses of the program

  • Business communication and ethics
  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Finance
  • Fundamentals of Statistics (Business statistics)
  • Financial management I
  • Financial accountingI
  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Fundamentals of Marketing

Professional courses

  • Bank management
  • Bank accounting
  • Bank risk management
  • Bank audit
  • Bank control and monitoring
  • Stock assessment methodology
  • Investment management
  • Financial econometrics
  • International financial management
  • Loan policy and analysis
  • Financial management II
  • Financial accounting II


  • Bank teller
  • Risk expert of Financial organization
  • Stock coordinating manager
  • Loan economist
  • Stock assessment manager, broker
  • Other bank-related high level positions