The goal of the program:

  1. Prepare researchers who are available for consulting decision making by conducting analysis based on latest economic, business and financial trends as well as for organizing or managing the finance & banking and accounting activities
  1. Prepare scientists who will contribute to the socio-economic development, obtained advanced methodological and theoretical knowledge of business administration, and the practical skills for research work based on combination of theory and methodology. 

The objectives of the program:

Objective 1. Prepare scientists who gained broad knowledge and skills necessary for analyzing new progress of information and communication, and obtained creative thinking skills meeting market demands as well as perspective of the country.  

Objective 2.    Provide advanced level education to the researchers helping them to enhance their obtained academic education as well as to promote their abilities to create new products and new market through educational service based on progressive teaching, research and innovation.   

Objective 3. Prepare researchers who earned the abilities to conduct research work independently on the areas of accounting, finance & banking and management, and the results and the ideas of that research would be acceptable at national and regional level.  

Objective 4. Prepare professionals who learned the problem solving abilities, making analysis on any aspects of economics and business, modeling interdependence between business administration process and factors, organizing or managing the use of the research results in the production and service.