A message from the President


Together with my warm heart, I extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation to all Mandakh University students, alumni, faculty members and staff for their dedication and development since its establishment in 1992, at the same time I am deeply grateful to our partner-organizations, colleagues and individual persons for their great supports and cooperation with our university.

Thanks to our 25 years’ hard work and dedication, we have achieved that our institute has been promoted to a University status from August 1, 2017 and joined the academic- research University status. 

Looking back our path we came off, our university has invested a lot of good achievements in the sector of Higher education as well as Accounting and Finance  of Mongolia.

Since Mandakh University was founded, we have made our efforts in making an “Accountant” profession as an important and more responsible position, preparing  professionals who satisfy today’s social requirements and demands, contributing our roles to creating new accounting system in Mongolia.

With the great supports and concerted efforts of our colleagues, counterparts and cooperation with government and non-governmental organizations, we have achieved many successes.

Based on labour market and employers’ needs and demands, Mandakh University offers a range of academic programs starting from Bachelor up to Doctorate, including IT, software engineering (started from 2006 and established a School of Information and Technology in 2018 as our component school), financial management, banking management (started from 2014), Engineering-economics, logistic management, graphic design, computer network, foreign language translator (started from 2018), business administration and marketing management (started from 2020).    

At present, our Mandakh University has been flourishing as the University accredited at international and national level. We are very  proud of our graduates that they are working successfully in different areas of the society and contributing their roles to raise Mandakh University’s high reputation.

 It is also very remarkable point that over 90% of our alumni are employed for particular jobs, a hundreds of graduates hold distinguished positions in related areas, many students are continuing to study in high-developed countries for master and doctorate programs, even they are working for the multi-national enterprises by obtaining  CPA  of those countries.

I am really excited to inform that Mandakh University has been among the first to be ISO certified as an Implementer of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System in 2017 and ISO 21001:2018 Educational Organization Management System in 2020.

We welcome you, our door is always open to all who want to obtain high education degrees at our university and we greatly hope that you will enjoy to study in a comfortable learning environment along with the modern equipped school campus and dormitory, library, laboratories, IT and online learning system.  

Our values created by our colleagues are deep-rooted and main compass for Mandakh staff members, students and alumni to achieve its Vision and Mission. The values are:

  • High quality education
  • Skillful experts
  • Professional ethics and accountability
  • Intelligence, humanity and integrity

I want  to say that either Mandakh staff members, students and alumni whoever a part of our university should respect and remember these values all the time.


Nanjid Gombojav