It is to prepare internationally recognized business management specialists and researchers with theoretical and research modern methodological knowledge, abilities, and attitudes necessary for making optimal business decisions in line with industry development trends and market demands.

Business administration program in master degree

Knowledge obtained through the curriculum (Personal skills, attitude, ethics, research methodology)

  • PLO 1.1 Knowledge obtained through the curriculum (Personal skills, attitude, ethics, research methodology)
  • PLO1.2 Engagement of theoretical and research knowledge
  • PLO 1.3 Knowledge of society, economy and information technology
  • PLO 1.4 Knowledge of researcher’s and professional ethics
  • PLO 1.5 Theoretical and practical knowledge in business administration


Knowledge, skills and attitudes obtained through Business curriculum courses (Professional skills necessary for working in the field)

  • PLO 2.1 Skills of planning, overseeing, scrutinizing and implementing for business activity
  • PLO 2.2 Skills of deploying human recourse policy and program of the organization
  • PLO 2.3 Skills of conducting knowledge and efficiency management and the market
  • PLO 2.4 Skills of inquiring and analyzing vital issues and making decision in the field



You will acquire necessary theoretical and methodological knowledge, practical skills and abilities according to your profession.

It includes:

  • Management Consulting Services
  • Advanced Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management II
  • Knowledge Management II
  • Project Management II
  • Master's Professional Training


Which of these portfolios you explore depends on your goals and interests, and will increase your liquidity and help you grow your career.

It includes:

  • Financial Economics II
  • Change Management
  • B2C and B2B
  • Productivity Management
  • Advanced Marketing Management
  • Financial Risk Management II
  • Corporate Governance
  • Business communications and Manager Skills
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Master of Business Administration

Content of the program: To work at a high professional level in the field of training, research, industry and service in the fields of science, society, and humanities in accordance with the government's policy on education and the basic principles of education and common international standards to acquire the knowledge, skills, and habits required for development, to cultivate high civic education, culture, and creative thinking, and to ensure academic freedom.

Content of the program:  Aimed at the above objectives

  • Basic professional courses
  • Specialization courses
  • Opportunities from elective courses.


In today's business environment, a person who has a business major must acquire knowledge that must be learned, practical practice and professional background knowledge on how to apply the knowledge learned.

It includes:

  • Scientific Research Method
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methodology
  • Advanced Economics
  • Strategic Management II
  • English