Scholarships and Grants for Mandakh University Bachelor students

Our scholarships and Grants for full time Bachelor students are intended to encourage students to increase their efforts to be successful students and reward students who demonstrate their social responsibility activities and great contribution to achieve objectives of Mission of the university.
There are 5 types of scholarships and grants to be given to students. They are as follows:

Other scholarship programs for students


Government Student grants

A Student Grant is a grant of money awarded to the students to fund their studying at a university or college. The money can be used in paying tuition, fees and living costs.,

The President and Prime Minister’s Scholarship

Every year up to 30 students are able to receive the President’s Scholarship at 100.000 MNT per month while the Prime Minister’s Scholarship is awarded to up to 50 students at 80.000 MNT per month, respectively. The candidates should submit appropriate documents for scholarship to the University administration within June 15 every year. For more information about this scholarship it can refer to

Khaanbank’s Student Scholarship

The Scholarship funded by Khaanbank is announced every year and applicable to 2nd, 3rd and 4th year bachelor students from nationally accredited universities. 

The scholarship is awarded to the students who demonstrate the highest academic excellence and social responsibility activities. Up to 40 students can receive this scholarship.


Golomtbank’s Student Scholarship

This scholarship is available for 3rd or 4th year undergraduate students from nationally accredited universities who demonstrate the highest academic excellence with 3,5 and more GPA and have intermediate or  upper-intermediate level of any foreign language. The applicant must also write an essay under the theme “Your contribution to the development of Mongolia”.

For more information you can refer to:

Zorig Foundation scholarship

The Zorig Foundation provides scholarships to Mongolian students studying in domestic universities and colleges in cooperation with Swiss Development Agency (SDC). The scholarship is announced every year and aimed at promoting higher education institutions to prepare high skilled junior professionals.

For more information please refer to this email address or contact phone number: 315444

JCI Mongolia “FUTURE” project

JCI Mongolia has been implementing plenty of projects addressed to the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goal. Within this framework, JCI Mongolia has started to implement “Future” project with aim of promoting high school successful students to enroll the universities and colleges. Through this project there is a scholarship available for students who have passed the university entrance exam but are not able to pay school tuition fee. The scholarship funds the school tuition fees for the 1st and 2nd year undergraduate program. 

“Future leaders” Student Scholarship program

Monnis group has been continually implementing “Future leaders” Student Scholarship program since 2007 with the aim to promote youth and students’ academic excellence and potential. This scholarship is available for full time bachelor students from nationally accredited universities and colleges. Successful applicants can receive this scholarship for the period of 1 or 2 years depending on their further academic excellence. Since 2007, there have been over 120 students awarded this scholarship.

From our Mandakh University, G.Munkhtuvshin, 3rd year student, Accounting-Audit and  O.Sarangua,  3rd year student, Accounting-Banking, and G.Narantsatsral, 4th year student, Accounting-Audit were selected for this scholarship program.