The postgraduate study program represents the highest degree of higher education. In order to achieve the highest degree of excellence possible, the doctoral study program emphasizes advanced methodological and theoretical knowledge of business.  Its interdisciplinary character is reflected in compulsory courses of the program which includes:

  • Philosophy of Science
  • Research methods in Science
  • Financial econometrics
  • Quality and quantitative research methods
  • Financial risk management


The doctoral students will obtain necessary methodological and theoretical knowledge and practical experience according to their majors through the following specialist studies:

  • Management and globalization
  • Corporate strategy management
  • Regional and logistics management
  • Human resource and labor economics
  • Financial behavior
  • Financial model
  • Investment science
  • Financial market and derivative
  • Accounting theory and development
  • Cost management strategy
  • Advanced management accounting
  • Business and property assessment methodology
  • Organization and customer’s behavior
  • International economics and finance, and foreign currency
  • Accounting research
  • Company’s governance and reporting
  • State finance


The doctoral students can choose any of the areas Management, Finance and Banking, or Accounting and will study every course of their selected areas. Upon completing the postgraduate doctoral study program, students will write a doctoral dissertation on appropriate topics.

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Postgraduate doctoral study program in Business Administration 

The study program aims to help students to conduct research on particular areas of business administration, economics and humanities harmonized with international standards, main principle of education as well as State policy of Mongolia on Education. It also provides students with academic freedom giving them the opportunity to develop their creative thinking skills, personal culture, and to acquire professional skills including soft and hard skills necessary for their future business career.

The program includes:

  • Professional courses
  • Specialized courses
  • Research works
  • Dissertation