The aim of the program

The aim of the program is to train bachelor degree experts who are professionally competent for accounting, and who conform to the national and international higher education standards, the requirements of employers and ensure professional ethics and transferable skills.

Obtained knowledge  from the program

  • Accounting and its policy coordination, data processing technology
  • Financial accounting, National and International Accounting Standards, Financial statement, methodology for financial performance analysis
  • Expense record, expense planning, performance control,deviation analysis
  • Corporate operations andfinancial management, expedient solutions and those justification, main issues of management accounting
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), audit methodology
  • Company consolidation reports, accounting for government and non-governmental organizations, theory of reporting
  • Tax, insurance, social insurance liabilities, reporting system
  • Professional ethics of Accountants

Obtained skills and experience from the program

  • Able to develop and adhere to Accounting information system, its policy and technology complying with current company’s specifics
  • Able to recordprimary or accounting documents and prepare SME’s or corporate’s financial statements complying with IFRS
  • Able to make an analysis on corporate’s financial statement, process of operation and its outcome, anddetermine the company’s current situation and perspective as well as to develop a recommendation
  • Able to calculate and conform the account with financial, banking and taxation offices or other customers, as well as to ensure the balance
  • Able to make a necessary report or conclusion on production expenditure, cost calculation and management accounting
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The advantage of the program

Through this program, MU students are able to be engaged in the Dual degree program of Mandakh university and OUS Roal Academy of Economics and Technology in Switzerland.

Name of the program: Accouinting

Major: Accounting

Index: 041101

Educational level of  entrants: Secondary or high school  education

Study: Day classes

Duration of study: 4 years

The students can study in depth the following elective courses.

  • Auditing
  • Statistics
  • Taxation
  • Bank
  • English
  • Information system

By studying those elective courses, the students can able to obtain the experience to increase the transferable skills and career development.

Core courses of the program

  • Fundamentals ofAccounting
  • Financial accounting I
  • Fundamentals of Finance
  • Corporate finance
  • Financial management
  • Fundamentals of Statistics
  • Econometrics
  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Production

Professional courses

  • Financial accounting II
  • Intermediate accounting I
  • Intermediate accounting II
  • Advanced accounting
  • Cost accounting I
  • Cost accounting II
  • Information system of Accounting
  • Auditing
  • IFRS
  • Cost management
  • Business policy and planning
  • Tax accounting
  • Professional English II


  • Chief Accountant(Financial officer)
  • Senior Accountant
  • Accountant
  • Head of Financial department
  • Tax inspector
  • Assistant to Auditor
  • Bank Officer
  • Statistician
  • Other positions related Accouinting and Finance