Our goal  is

To be a Competitive Information Centre which can deliver the latest technology library service along with adequate reserves of books and textbooks to the students as well as faculty members in order to meet their needs.

Main role of our library

The scope of the MU library is to provide all the necessary and useful materials which may be required by the students and the professors who come to MU for courses, seminars and to participate in MU conferences. 

The library collection has been gradually increasing over the years of activity and nowadays it offers around 22000 items, including books, academic journals and periodicals in Mongolian, English and Russian.

The Library has a comfortable learning environment for all students.

Our reading hall is equipped with electron catalogue search program and we are widely using the key electron search program which is  based on cloud technology /http://mandakh.Lib4U.net/

Our library provides the following services

  • Reading hall with free options
  • Home books service
  • Periodic publications service
  • E-reading hall service
  • Working in team hall service 





Library staff