School of Information and Technology

School of Information and Technology

School of Information and Technology was firstly  founded in 2006 as an Information and Technology Department of Mandakh University. In 2018, it has expanded as a component school of Mandakh University under the name of School of Information and Technology. The school has 11 faculty members and over 200 students.

The goal of the school

To provide students with knowledge and skills necessary to perform IT system analysis, software program, organization’s information system.

Implementing academic programs of the school

  • Software Engineering
  • Information system
  • Graphic design
  • Computer network

The research study area of the school

  • Mobile phone software development
  • Database programming by object-oriented access
  • Web application development
  • Software program, Information system, Professional teaching methodology
  • Security of software program
  • Use of Information technology for teaching

Specific activities of the school

The faculties of the school have worked together to develop and implement  online testing system, survey program, online learning system at Mandakh University. The school has also developed the university online system which can be used by both lecturers and students.

The school provides the following academic courses and publishes subject-related textbooks, manuals and exercise books for the students :

  • Fundamental  of algorithm
  • Programming language
  • Object oriented programming
  • Data structure
  • Database design
  • Client server programming
  • Computer network
  • Database programming
  • Database management system
  • Information system analysis and design
  • Web programming
  • System programming
  • Software Quality Assessment
  • Internet programming

The activities carried out by the school

  • The event for World Programmer's Day
  • Competition on Client server programming course
  • IT specialist competition
  • Website development contest
  • Computer application competition
  • Olympiad on university programming
  • IT competition
  • Scientific Conference for IT students
  • Competition on Math logistics lesson

Faculty staff of the School of Information and Technology