Services for Special Needs Individuals

This instruction is addressed to the special needs individuals providing them with necessary information under the "The Programme for Supporting Special Needs Individuals of MU". They are as follows:

  • Relevant individuals shall inform the Academic Office that they need special needs education and fill in the detailed form accurately
  • There shall be an established study contract between relevant individuals and the Head of Academic Office according to the certified documents from the University administration.
  • Relevant individuals shall contact their consultant teachers very often in order to be informed as timely regarding the measures undertaken by the university and take active participation in those activities.
  • Relevant individuals shall be given the elevator card readers and toilet keys for special needs individuals by a finance department officer. They shall also be informed about medical services and other special services.
  • The academic Office shall provide relevant individuals with related advice and information on learning activities.
  • Relevant individuals shall use textbooks and learning materials provided by the school library under special conditions.
  • Relevant individuals are able to take service and assistance from the Students Employment Support Centre regarding field practice and job intermediation.
  • Relevant individuals shall appropriately use lift card readers and toilet keys for special needs individuals but not transfer them to others. At the end of the semester, relevant individuals shall give back lift card readers and toilet keys to a finance department officer


Friendly environment to special needs learners

Health care service

The health care service of Mandakh University is undertaken under the supervision of the Vice-President of Financial Affairs, Mandakh University. The following healthcare services are carried out by our Mandakh University medical doctor

  • Provide faculty, staff, and students with first-aid medical service
  • Engage faculty, staff, and students in the preventive health and medical examination.
  • Work focusing on the personal health care of students and conduct activities to develop the healthy lifestyle behaviors of the students collaborating with their consultant teachers, parents, and guardians.
  • Organize training or advocacy work on preventing communicable or noncommunicable diseases.
  • Take control to ensure a safe school environment, including drinking water and food.
  • Record the faculty, staff, and students who have.”

Campus canteen

“The Centre was founded in 2010 by an order issued by the President to encourage students to meet the ideal standard of university graduates for the labor market, improve practical skills in the workplace, and support student’s employment. It comprises four members. The following activities are undertaken by the Centre:


  • Conduct a survey on Graduates’ employment
  • Organize open day event for the workplace
  • Recommend students for full or part-time job
  • Provide information on job vacancies through the University’s website and the webpage of the Association of MU Alumni.”
  • Information on the Student’s Club should be updated.