Student Oath

I swear that I will study and work hard in order to become a qualified and competitive professional. My principle is to respect my school and teachers, to adhere to student ethics.  

Student Oath

Student Council

Goal of the Student Council

The main goal of the Student Council is to provide students with the opportunity to become involved in the affairs of the school, to work in partnership with the Mongolian Student Union (MSU), and government and non-government organizations for the benefit of the school and its students, to promote the interests of the students, to plan and manage activities for the students, and to assist and advise the student to develop their leadership abilities. In order to achieve this goal, the following activities are undertaken in cooperation with partner organizations:

  • Organize multi-activities including Student Scientific Conference, art and cultural events as well as sports competitions
  • Assist them to spend their leisure time effectively and support them to develop new ideas and initiatives
  • Protect and support the students’ common interests
  • Work together with the Mongolian Student Union to participate in any activities related to student development and give the opportunity to join the activities organized by other universities and colleges and provide the environment to exchange opinions, innovative ideas, and experiences among the students.
  • Promote any activities for the sake of the welfare of society within the social responsibility of the university.”