The aim of the program

The aim of the program is to train competent professionals for graphic design, who gained creative thinking skills and ability to grow in conformity with social development trends.

The knowledge obtained from the program

  • Basic knowledge of humanities and natural sciences
  • Drawing skills
  • High professional skills and creative thinking skills
  • Competitiveness
  • Innovation oriented learning-research-experiment

The skills and experience obtained from the program

  • Able to work in teams and lead the team
  • Able to realize and value individual knowledge and skills, develop self-learning skills,  implement time and resource management as well as develop innovative creative abilities
  • Able to respect professional ethics and accountability, enhance professional knowledge and skills  
  • Able to work successfully in business and industrial field.
  • Able to understand how the graphic design affects business industry and social environment
  • Able to think and plan systematically in a management level
  • Able to lead, manage and implement business industrial operations, obtain entrepreneurial skills to provide further sustainable development  
  • Able to express and affirm opinions and ideas, use e-tools, graphics, schemes and multimedia display 
  • Able to respect professional and business ethics
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The advantage of the program

Graphic design, like many creative fields, is a competitive profession that can determine the company’s exterior, image, marketing and sales matters. Being a successful graphic designer requires excellent communication skills, attention to detail, creativity, team work and high professional ethics.   

Name of the program: Graphic design

Major: Graphic design

Index: 02202

Educational level of entrants: Secondary or high school education

Study: Day classes

Duration of study: 4 years

Core courses of the program

  • Drawing I
  • Painting I
  • Design I
  • Drawing II
  • Painting II
  • Perspective shadow
  • Art solution of graphic design
  • Letter arts
  • Color study

Professional courses

  • Space design- Sculpture
  • Graphic design programs
  • Digital graphics I
  • 3D graphics
  • Design history and theory
  • Design management
  • Conception idea and research
  • Photography I
  • Photography II
  • Digital graphics II
  • Motion graphics I
  • Graphic design I
  • Graphic design II
  • Media technology
  • Packaging design
  • Up to date printing methods
  • Graphic design project


  • Designer for domestic and international banks as well asbusiness entities
  • Designer for Studios and Production
  • Designer for all branches of publishing companies
  • Designer for public media and broadcasting
  • Designer for Marketing sector
  • Designer for Advertising agencies
  • Designer for Graphic design companies
  • Web designer
  • Designer for Photo studios