The goal of program

To prepare professionals who are specialized in organizing and managing banking and information systems, analyzing financial and managerial reports based on modern trends, and capable of making informed decisions.

By studying professional fundamental courses, the students will acquire  the following knowledge and practical skills:  

  • Scientific research methodology
  • Economic research methodology
  • State financial management
  • Advanced economics
  • Strategic management II
  • English

By studying specialized courses, the students will acquire the following professional knowledge and practical skills:  

  • Money and loan policy II
  • Risk management of financial institutions
  • Bank management II
  • Advanced entity financing  
  • Banking audit
  • Investment management
  • Banking accounting and inspection
  • International economy and finance II
  • Professional ethics
  • Financial analysis
  • Consulting service to the management
  • Investment assessment II
  • Econometrics II
Магистрт бүртгүүлэх

Master’s degree program for Banking

The goal of this program: 

To provide the students with the opportunities to acquire scientific research abilities, academic  knowledge, and practical experience for careers in research, education, manufacturing,  and service industries.

The program includes:

  • Professional fundamental courses
  • Specialized courses