Mandakh University lecturers are awarded the grants from “Khurel togoot-2020 scientific conference

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Mandakh University lecturers are awarded the grants from “Khurel togoot-2020 scientific conference

The 17 th scientific conference under the name of  “Khurel Togoot – 2020”  with initiatives by Mongolian Young Scientists’ Association and Ministry of Education and Science in collaboration with the Science and Technology Foundation and the National Academy of Sciences was organized on December  16, 2020. The conference  was held online because of  Covid-19 situation.   

More over 80 selected papers on  7 scientific fields including  medicine, economics, business, engineering and technology, etc have been discussed  in the last stage. From this, top 2 research papers and 1 best research work have been selected for the 4 million MNT grants by Minister of Education and Science and for special award, respectively. 

The panel meeting on Economics and Business was participated by professors and researchers representing   economic and business institutions as well as  Mongolian universities such as  National University of Mongolia (NUM), Mongolian University of Life Sciences (MULS), Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST), University of Finance and Economics of Mongolia (UFEM).

The juries designated by the Ministry of Education and Science as well as  external juries  and observers worked during the conference.

The first grant award from Panel meeting for Economics and Business was given to S.Munkhtsetseg, Senior Lecturer and J.Gantulga, Lecturer of Mandakh University for their joint research work under  the theme of  “Determining the credit rating of Creditors based on scoring and machine learning methods”.

The second grant award was given to Mandakh University graduate, A.Narankhuu for his  research work on “Assessing the delusion of Investors’ behavior” 

Special award was received by Mandakh University lecturers G.Erdenetsogt and G.Uyanga for their paper titled “The effect of foreign direct investment  on  Non-mining exports” 

We are very proud of our researchers and graduates that they achieved high quality research abilities.

Congratulations to winners of “ Khurel togoot-2020” Scientific Conference and wish you great success in your further studies!

                                    Mandakh University administration