Essay Writing Competition Winners announced

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Essay Writing Competition Winners announced

The essay writing competitions which were organized among the freshman students who are studying subject “Business communication ethics” and sophomore and junior students under themes  of  “Ethics is an art to be  lived ” and “Social problems and ethics”, dedicated to the World day of Philosophy, have announced the winners.    

The competition is conducted every year with aim of  supporting  students to enhance their knowledge scopes, improve communication skills as well as  to become a good citizen and specialist  responsible for ethics. About more over 261 students submitted their works to the organizing committee and the following works have been selected for the first three places. They are as follows:


1st course

First place: Ts. Zolzaya, Accounting –Audit

Second place: B. Bayartsetseg, Accounting-Tax

Third place: M. Margad-Erdene, Accounting- English

3rd course

First place: O.Saranguya, Accounting- Bank

Second place: B.Temuulen, Accounting-Tax

Third place: P. Tsagaankhuu, Accounting-English


Congratulations to the winners and wish you  all participants in the competition a good success.


School administration