Student conference was organized

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Student conference was organized

“Student Conference” hosted by research team of “Education and Humanities” of Mandakh University was held on 29th of November, 2018. In this conference, about 19 papers related to fields including Education, Linguistics, History-Culture, Society-Economy and Natural Science were discussed and top 3 papers were selected and awarded with certificate to attend “Student Conference of the University” and monetary reward. Herein:

  • 1st place: Oyun-Erdene.B, Anujin.A and Mungunsor.M (sophomore students in Acc-Tax) as paper “Air pollution and its Factors” supervised by Tsolmon.S /PhD and associate professor/,
  • 2nd place: Jargalmaa.N /junior student of Acc-IS/ as paper “Factors impacting on Student’s learning” supervised by Tsend-Ayush.B (senior lecturer);
  • 3rd place: Azzaya.B, Buyanzaya.B and Enkhtuvshin.B (sophomore students in Acc-Eng) as paper “Society and Religion Impacts on Mongolian Name” supervised by Gantsetseg.S (PhD and associate professor)