“Future leader” student scholarship awarded

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“Future leader” student scholarship awarded

“Monnis” Corporation has been awarding students, full of dream to study, with “Future leader” scholarship every year since 2007.

Mandakh University’s G.Munkhtuvshin junior of ACC-Audit, O.Sarangua junior of ACC-Bank and G.Narantsatsral senior of ACC-Audit have been granted the “Future Leader” award.

The scholarship program has granted 100% fee to more than 120 students over the time.

Bachelor students of Mongolian Accredited Universities can join the “Future Leader” scholarship program, and depending on the GPA of the next 1-2 years, successful students are continued to be granted the scholarship.

Congratulations to our best 3 students, who promoted their studying and granted scholarships. Good luck!

University Administration