WuFeng University delegates visit Mandakh University

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WuFeng University delegates visit Mandakh University

WuFeng University delegates from Taiwan visited Mandakh University on May 8, 2023 and had a meeting with MU top management. The delegation consisted of President Tsai Hung-Jung, Vice-President Li Tien-Hsin and Director of International Foundation Program Hung Chao-Hui.

Since 2021, Mandakh University has had a collaboration with WuFeng University by establishing a MOU on cooperation.

At the meeting, two parties discussed and exchanged opinions about possible collaboration in the future.

WuFeng University was founded in 1965 and is a private university of technology and engineering in Minxiong Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan, has 6 component schools and 21 departments with more than 6000 students.  It employs 165 full time faculty members, 75 percent of ranked faculty hold a Ph.D degree.

WuFeng University President Tsai Hung-Jung expressed his opinion on further collaboration activities within the MOU, established between two parties and conveyed the invitation to the Mandakh University representatives to visit WuFeng University.

President G.Nanjid expressed her appreciation to the delegates for their visit to Mandakh University and expressed her hope for further fruitful collaboration.

Vice-President Li Tien-Hsin introduced a new program for international students and proposed the implementation of a cultural exchange program for students from both universities as a summer exchange program.

The parties mutually agreed on the opinions and proposals mentioned above and discussed developing collaboration in a new stage.