Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee

The goal of Curriculum Committee is to improve all level implementing academic curriculums of MU in conformity with national and  international standards and requirements, provide professional and policy advice for  developing and approving  new academic programs, make decision on implementation of curriculum.





Structure and composition of Curriculum Committee

Common roles of Curriculum Committee and Sub-committee

  • Ensure the academic programs implemented by Mandakh University to meet International standards and requirements coordinating with Mongolian Higher Education legislations, decisions issued by Central Administration Office for Education, MU academic policy, scientific development trends as well as labour market demands.
  • Establish coordination mechanisms for learning outcome assessment, learning requirements, criteria, time management, the approaches of students’ selected courses.
  • Improve the capacity of teaching staff; study accessibility of course textbooks, library and classroom facilities and make proposals on them.
  • Make professional assessment on the discussing matters with scientific approaches; ensure  the standards and quality of educational activities; enhance students’ learning activities. 

Main functions of the Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee determines the academic policy of curriculum of MU and controls its implementation; develop new academic programs; coordinates activities all level curriculum units and provides consolidated management.

  • To make a proposal on the issues to incorporate changes in the all level curriculum, launch new curriculum, temporarily cease or withdraw the programs and resolve by the Academic Council of the university
  • To establish requirements for obtaining major professions, applied professions, specialized and double majors
  • To establish competences and standards of graduates of academic programs
  • To conduct medium and long term assessment of academic programs; provide recommendations in the field of improvement of curriculum
  • To discuss self-evaluation report on Program accreditation and provide recommendations on this matter
  • To provide professional advice and direction to sub-committees; receive and resolve disputes related to the curriculum.

Main functions of the Sub-committee

  • Discusses about curricula and its definition, makes proposals if they meet the appropriate requirements and standards
  • Controls activities if there are appropriate teaching tools and course materials for delivering lessons
  • Introduces Curriculum Committee about the analysis made on course definition, course contents, course requirements as well as course outcome which are taught by the course teams
  • Receives and integrates proposals from course teams regarding curriculum and syllabus and delivers them to Curriculum Committee
  • Sub-committee leaders record the scores for department faculties given by the Curriculum Committee in the table sheet according to Annex 3 of the Procedure and deliver it to Curriculum Committee

Members of Curriculum Committee

Sub-committee members