E-learning activity

The aim of E-learning activity is to deliver educational service or the courses included in the curriculum to the students regardless of its time and place. In our University, the E-learning activity is conducted in two ways, one is to transfer course contents into online system and another one is to deliver learning activities online.

Mandakh University broadly uses E-learning activities in our teaching process, especially for Master’s and Doctor’s degree programs as well as correspondence courses. In order to expand E-learning activities and also  increase stakeholders’ satisfaction, we have established an E-learning Lecture room equipped with state-of -the-art techniques and technologies in the new school building of the University. Thanks to this new lecture room, it is very much available for our faculties to prepare their digital classes, video lessons and transfer the course contents reflected in the curriculum into online system.  


Mandakh University continually carries out its learning activities by using online system during this emergency period due to Covid-19 outbreak

Mandakh University is continually carrying out its learning activities by using online system (online.mandakh.org) since the State Emergency Commission of Mongolia  has issued a decision to establish  quarantine until April 30, 2020 due to the worldwide outbreak of Covid-19.  

From 2016, Mandakh University has commenced to use this online system for conducting Master’s and Doctor’s degree programs as well as correspondence courses. In the course of this emergency period, we are expanding the application of this online system to deliver lessons to full time Bachelor students.  

The university administration has developed a plan for taking action to improve teaching services and access of research work of students. We also have provided faculty members with the instructions how to organize their lessons. All teaching processes including lectures, seminars, independent and research work have been transferred into online system. The lessons given by lecturers in accordance with curriculum schedule are conducted in a way of video class.

As for graduate students of Mandakh University, we provide them with appropriate advices regarding how to prepare for final examination. The preparation lessons for final examination are input in the online learning system and the review of the process of diploma work and preliminary thesis defense are conducted through online manner.

We are working to support our graduate students through consulting and direction to their research work keeping regular contacts with their supervisors and teachers. 

Mandakh University administration, staff and faculties appreciate our students for their attitudes to be having high ethics, responsibilities and desires to learn during this emergency period, so we have seen high access of students to the online classes.

We really do hope that together we shall overcome this terrible period of Covid-19 spread through our concerted joint efforts, responsibility, cooperation and mutual understanding.