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Science and Engineering Department


    The department was founded in the academic year of 2017-2018  as a result of the reorganization of the Mandakh University  to implement  new program for Engineering and Economics. The department provides the following subjects:

    Basic subjects

    1. Mathematics
    2. Physics
    3. Computer appliance
    4. Business communiction Ethics 
    5. Business law
    6. Mongolian history
    7. Thinking stories
    8. Physical training and health

    Engineering basic subjects

    1. Mechanic engineering
    2. Kinematics of mechamism
    3. Dynamics of mechanism
    4. Machine design
    5. Material studies
    6. Electrical  technigues
    7. Basics of electronics
    8. Thermodynamics
    9. Project management
    10. Engineering design and invention
    11. Machine and techniques  exploitation 


    The department supports and contributes research work in the areas of science and engineering. Faculty members are working to focus on curriculum reform and its contents. Within this framework, textbooks, manuals and other learning materials for major students have been designed by the department professors.     

    Goal of the department:

    To prepare well qualified personnels who obtained  positive attitude and well communication behaviour.

  • N.Dalaisaikhan

    Head of Depart...

  • Ts.Yadamsuren

    Doctor(Ph.D), ...


    Consultant Prof...

  • R.Borkhuu

    Doctor(Ph.D), P...

  • Ch.Turbadrakh

    Doctor(Ph.D), ...

  • N.Selenge

    Doctor /Ph.D/,...

  • D.Baasankhuu

    Senior Lecturer...

  • D.Bulgantamir

    Senior Lecturer...

  • М.Gankhulug

    Lecturer ...

  • S.Ankhbayar


  • A.Davaajav


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