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Department of Foreign languages



    The Department of Foreign Languages was founded in the academic year of 2012 - 2013 as a result of reorganization of the Mandakh University. The  main goal of the department  is to deliver high quality foreign language courses such as English, Japanese and Korean to the students that gives them the opportunity to obtain high level language communication skills.  

    The subjects, the department provides:

    • General English
    • Professional English
    • Advanced English
    • Japanese
    • Korean 

    The following activities are carried out by the department faculties focused on developing  and improving  the students’  learning methodology and foreign language knowledge. They are as follows:

    • National seminar for theory and methodology under the theme of “Development of Professional English training course at the universities and colleges”
    • National Olympiad of English for Accounting
    • E- club for Xreading
    • Professional English Competition
    • English skills competition
    • Online English olympiad
    • Open day event for English
  • S.Gantsetseg

    Head of Depart...

  • Т.Sumiya

    Associate Profe...

  • E.Ouyn-Erdene

    Senior Lecturer...

  • N.Ariunaa

    Senior Lecturer...

  • Т.Ouyn-Erdene

    Lecturer ...

  • Sh.Nandintsetseg

    Lecturer ...

  • S.Namuun

    Lecturer ...

  • S.Sainzaya

    Lecturer sai...

  • A.Doljinsuren

    Lecturer ...

  • A.Telmuun

    Lecturer ...

  • I.Doljinsuren

    Lecturer ...

  • T.Ouyntogtokh

    Lecturer ...

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