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Academic year 2019-2020


Donor day  is organized at the  Mandakh University

Every year, Mandakh University organizes  a Donor day under the theme of “Let’s save the lives of people by donating blood” in cooperation with Blood Donor Centre. This year the event was held on  September 18, 2019 and participated by 100 faculty members, staff and students.  Totally 35 litres  blood were donated.


Mandakh University join Plant a Million Trees campaign announced by the Government of Mongolia

In order to contribute to the forest restoration effort with a goal of planting a million trees across the country, Mandakh University faculty members, staff and students  joined the initiative of  Financial Department and planted 200 Seabuckthorn trees in the National Park and established “Mandakh Seabuckthorn  Grove ”. The event  was held on September 26, 2019 and will be organized every autumn.  

Trees provide so many benefits to our everyday lives. They filter clean air, provide fresh drinking water, help curb climate change, and create homes for thousands of species of plants and animals.  


Support each other” campaign is organized at Mandakh University

By the initiative of Financial Department to organize “Support each other”, Mandakh University colleagues actively participated in the campaign to donate clothes, toys and other sanitarian products. All collected goods were handed to 30 children who are from poor families and 20 children who are from Children’s nursing home.      

May flourish all good deeds!

Mandakh University cooperates with Mongolian TV10 and sponsors TV program titled “Outstanding 100 children”


Mongolian TV 10 has initiated to broadcast a new children’s TV program  titled “Outstanding 100 children”. The program was aimed at showing respect to the children who highly raised their country’s reputation in the world through their  great successes  in sports, arts and studies and encouraging them to spend wonderful time with their peers sharing their experiences, abilities and dreams.

Within the social responsibility of the organization, Mandakh University worked with Mongolian TV 10  to be one of main sponsors. Our Vice-President of Academic Affairs, Dr, Assoc.Prof. Ch.Turbadrakh  was invited to attend this program.

The program was participated by the children from Mongolian Intellectual  Academy, Mongolian State Conservatory, the best children who were selected by the Department of Children  and Family.     

Two participants  who are high school graduates,  received  Certificates of 100 % discount tuition fee for studying in Mandakh University for the first academic year. 



Mandakh University becomes an environmentally  friendly organization

Mandakh University colleagues joined  the activities of Waste disposal project “Add color”  which is being implemented  throughout the capital. Within this project, there was organized the training on how to dispose waste for Mandakh University staff members and students. We are creating the environment to sort out the waste when we dispose. In this frame, we have placed three colors ( including green, blue and black)   the garbage boxes every corner  of the school building.


The lectures for students are  conducted at Mandakh University

Within the social responsibility of the organization, there were several lectures delivered to Mandakh University  accounting and economics students under the themes “Prevention of  drug abuse crime which steals youth’s dreams” and “Power of charisma and self-development to achieve to success” on November 7 and on  November 14, 2019. The  lectures were aimed at  enhancing the  trusts of students in the future and  increasing their charisma and emotional intelligence as well as delivering the knowledge how to  prevent from  risks.  Each lecture was followed Q&A.     


Donation of books

The Science and Engineering Department has organized the event Donation of books among the Mandakh University students for the second time. Totally 512 books including Mongolian and English textbooks, literature, manuals were collected by the students who are majoring in 13 different fields. All collected books were sent to the  secondary school libraries of Durvuljin soum and Ikh-Uul soum of Zavkhan province.