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Academic year 2018-2019


Mandakh University management receives the veterans who worked and contributed their great efforts to the activities of Mandakh University

On the occasion of  coming  XYII  pig year of  lunar calendar, Mandakh University management received  the retired faculty members and staff and show them respect on January 25, 2019.  

During the event, Ch.Turbadrakh, Vice-President of Academic Affairs introduced the activities performed in the past academic year and planned work to be performed next year as well as perspective of the university. After his short introduction, the invited veterans shared their valuable advice and opinions.   Mandakh University management has expressed its gratitude for their great contribution and handed gifts to all veterans who were present at the meeting. 


The campaign for Donation of books is conducted successfully


Science and Engineering Department has organized the campaign for Donation books and there were totally  2873 books collected. Those  collected books were distributed to 6 secondary schools of Govi-Altai province. They are as follows:  

Altai soum - 436 books

Bayan-Uul soum-425 books

Tseel soum -445 books

Tugrug soum- 437 books

Bugat soum- 434 books

Erdene soum- 436 books


Mandakh University performs road work in the adjacent area of Mandakh University


Within the social responsibility of the organization, Mandakh University performed road work and sidewalk located in the territory of 16 horoo of Bayangol district, during the October, 2018.

  • The road of 280м2 has been repaired and covered with new asphalt
  • The sidewalk of 50м2 has been repaired and covered with colored paving-tile

There was spent 15 million MNT for this road work.



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