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Academic year 2017-2018



The event for Donor day  is organized at the  Mandakh University

The event for Donor day under the theme of “Let’s save the lives of people by donating blood” has been organized at Mandakh University, on March 14, 2018 by Marketing Department of Mandakh University in cooperation with Blood Donor Centre in Ulaanbaatar. The event was participated by 89 people and about 80 people donated totally 30 liters and 600 gramms blood.  

Thank you all faculty members, students and staff. Wish you good success in your further studies and career.

May flourish  all good deeds.



Mandakh University faculty members and staff are engaged in medical examination

Within the framework of Programme on Save your liver” which is being implemented by the Government of Mongolia, there was started the measures to detect Hepatitis B,C in early time  througout the country.

Mandakh University has joined this measure and our faculty members, staff and students have been engaged in Hepatitis B and C testing. As a result of testing, there was detected that 5 faculty members were infected by Hepatitis B and recommended to be sent to the Specialized

Hospital for further treatment.



Opportunity and development

Within the commitment to social responsibility of Mandakh University, the training course on “Opportunity and Development” for high school students in Ulaanbaatar,  has been organized at the Mongolian Trade Union and Cultural Palace, on April 7, 2018.

The training was aimed at helping and encouraging the high scool students to take their  university entrance  examinations successfully. The Director of English Academy of Mongolia, Ts. Khureltulga and  Head of Economic and Business Department of Mandakh University , Dr and Assoc. Prof. S. Tsolmon gave lecturers on “Wonderful brain and Learning methodology  of English language” and “Advice on how to take Maths exam successfully”, respectively.

Both professors contributed their valuable advices on how to learn English systematically and easily as well as how to solve the maths correctly and timely when they take maths exams.   



The event for Donor day  is organized at the  Mandakh University

Every year Mandakh University organizes Donor day under the theme of  “Let’s save the lives of people by donating blood”.  This time the event was held on October  10, 2017 and participated   participated by 86 people and about 54 people donated totally 21 liters and 600 gramms blood . About half of blood donators were to donate  their blood more than 2 or 5 times. They saved 9 and 15 lives of people.

Thank you all faculty members, students and staff. Wish you good success in your further studies and career.

May flourish  all good deeds.

Marketing Department and Blood Donor Centre


Meeting on “Positive attitude and development- 2018” is held at the Mandakh University

By the initiative of the President of Mongolia, the meeting on “Positive attitude and development- 2018” is planned to be organized at the 96 Mongolian Colleges and Universities. The meeting is aimed at developing and educating young people to be patriotic  and ethical citizens encouraging them to the leadership of society and culture. Within this  measure, above said  meeting was held at the Mandakh University, on May 16, 2018. 

At the meeting, Lecturer of Human Development Academy, Amarbayasgalan gave a lecture to the students and explained the significance of inheriting Mongolian tradition and customs.  



Mandakh University joins TB prevention campaign

TB prevention campaign has started throughout the country and our Mandakh University joins this campaign. There was early diagnosis of tuberculosis conducted at the Mandakh University, on May 17-18, 2018.  Totally 297 faculty members and students were involved in this TB examination and 2 students have to be sent to the Specialized Hospital.

Office of the President



Our Mandakh University students join the Autumn harvest

Today, our 50 students are going to the Saikhantolgoi soum, Selenge province to participate in the Autumn harvest bringing back those days when previous generation were building and working for their country.

We appreciate very much that our university has good relationship and cooperation with Gatsuurt company which shows their great contribution to the development of the country and good health of the people of Mongolia. 

Wish you a success to the students who join Autumn harvest.



Mandakh University colleagues join the charitable work

By the initiative of the 1st year accounting student and member of Foundation of Bridge of Trust and Warm Heart, G. Bazraa,  Mandakh University colleagues joined the charitable work to help single mother Dash-Oyun who had no home, used to live  in kiosk with her 3 children where she sold food. She was victim of gas explosion and was treated in hospital.

Mandakh University colleagues collected 1 million 500 thousand tugrugs  and it was enough for buying Mongolian traditional ger house. The Governor of 27 th horoo, Bayanzurkh district, B.Lhamzav helped to have a land permission for building the ger. We are happy that we could help one of homeless people to have house.


May flourish  all good deeds.         


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