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Mandakh University colleagues celebrate the 28 th anniversary of the establishment of Mandakh University

Date: 2020-05-20 15:09:10 Seen: 80



Every year, on May 8th, Mandakh University celebrates its historical day. This is our anniversary day when Mandakh University was founded.

This time we are celebrating our anniversary day  under special condition of global pandemic Covid -19.  Due to this event, we have Celebration Meeting in online.

There was a speech by the President, Prof. G.Nanjid, delivering warm greetings to the Mandakh University faculties and staff. In her speech she said that “However, all educational institutions in Mongolia stay closed till September due to this Covid-19 outbreak, we still continue our educational service to the students through online system. From my side, as the President of the university, I am very proud of our faculties for their great efforts and devoting time to deliver lessons efficiently and non stopping.

We have found out that there are many advantages of online learning by conducting students’ satisfaction survey. For example:

1.      Financially effective when the students are taking lessons at home

2.      Obtaining self-learning skills

3.      Managing time as they wish and the opportunity to find enough time for doing part time job while studying and developing by themselves

4.      Possibility to take lessons regardless of location

5.      Possibility to repeat lessons

6.      Whenever they can communicate with their lecturers to clarify their understanding

But there are several disadvantages that we have noticed that:

7.      As for rural students who have no internet or  living in the remote area,  it is a bit difficult to have online class

8.      Not able to attend every live classes and communicate with their lecturers very often

We see that our students are making their best efforts for their successful studies.  Online participation rate has reached 90-98 %.    

On the occasion of the 28th anniversary of Mandakh University, we have reached the following achievements:

1.    Implemented online learning programs at all levels of the university

2.    Developed software training programs

3.    Improved capacity of techniques and equipment and established laboratory for conducting online classes

4.    Commissioned C block of school building

5.    Commissioned students dormitory close to the main campus

6.    Awarded successful accreditation of business administration and marketing management

7. Submitted the documents for the accreditation of financial management

8. Successfully organized and actively participated in the online olympiad by departments and students

On this 28th anniversary day, the President of Mandakh University has approved a 2 years’ work plan dedicated to the 30th anniversary of establishment of Mandakh University,  to be held in 2022. All departments and units, staff and students will make and implement their work plan based on this 2 years’work plan.”