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The “English language ability ” online contest is held among the sophomore students of the Mandakh University

Date: 2020-04-22 10:56:51 Seen: 139


Every year, the Department of Foreign Languages holds its contest titled “English language ability” for sophomore students. Due to this emergency period of Covid- 19 disease, the compest was held by online on April 18,2020. Over 380 students participated in this contest and competed with each other in 5 skills such as  English grammar, vocabulary ( terminology) , reading, translation and Q&A.

Grammar skills

1st place:  B. Nomindari, Accounting-English

2nd place: B.Ochirhuyag, Financial management

                 B.Munkh-Erdene, Accounting-Auditing

                 M.Uyangaa, Accounting-Auditing

3rd place: I.Amarmend, Accounting-Banking

                J.Ariunzaya, Accounting-Taxation

Vocabulary and Terminology

1st place:  Z.Namuun-Erdene, Accounting-Auditing

                 Z.Munkh-Uyanga, Accounting-Statistics

2nd place: S.Enkhjin, Financial management

                 B.Delgerkhangai, Accounting-Auditing

                 B.Ankhtuya, Accounting-Auditing

3rd place: T.Odmaa, Accounting-Taxation


1st place:  B.Temuulen, Accounting-English

                 E.Ariunsuvd, Accounting-Auditing

2nd place: M.Tsenguun, Accounting- Auditing

                 L.Khadaan, Financial management

3rd place: B. Amangul, Accounting-English


1st place: N.Oyuntungalag, Accounting- Auditing

               O.Tugs-Oyun, Accounting-English

                B.Enerel, Accounting-Banking

2nd place: B.Bolorchuluun, Accounting-English

                    T.Batdelger, Accounting-Taxation

 3rd place:    B.Uyangaa, Financial management

                     E.Ankhbayar, Accounting-Auditing

                     I.Enkhmaa, Accounting-Auditing

                     T.Urangoo, Accounting-Statistics

                     M.Oyundari, Accounting-Taxation


1st place: B.Usukhbayar, Accounting-English

2nd place: N.Nomin-Erdene, Accounting-Auditing

3rd place: Ts.Amarjargal, Accounting-English


Congratulate you all participants and wish you success in your further studies.