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“English Culture” online competition is held among the freshmen students of the Mandakh University

Date: 2020-04-20 11:10:33 Seen: 123

The competition is traditionally organized among the freshmen students of the Mandakh University every year and it is aimed at exploring the student’s learning ability of foreign languages, increasing and stimulating interest in learning English among the students, encouraging their achievements, and giving the opportunity to the students to  share  with each other the knowledge and experience which are obtained from their classes. 

In connection with transfer of learning activities into online system due to Covid-19 spread throughout the world, the competition was held through online system this year. Over 150 freshmen students participated in this competition under the supervision of lecturers I.Doljinsuren and Z.Telmuun together with other lecturers of  Department of English languages.

The students competed each other with 4 types of the competition.

For Q&A competition

1st place:  G.Sarantungalag, Accounting-Taxation-I-1

2nd place: T.Asel, Accounting-Taxation-I-2

3rd place: G.Khuslen, Finance& Management-I-2

For Word Spelling competition 

1st place:  U.Oyunbileg, Accounting-Auditing -I-1

2nd place: Ts.Otgontsengel, Accounting-Auditing -I-1

3rd place: B.Namuunzul, Accounting-Auditing -I-1

For translation competition   

1st place:  Z.Maralgoo, Finance& Management-I-2

2nd place: N.Uyanga, Accounting-Taxation-I-1

3rd place: M.Erdene, Accounting-Taxation-I-1 

For English song competition

1st place: A.Enkh-soyol, Accounting-Auditing -I-1

2nd place: G. Ankhbayar, Finance&Management-I-1

3rd place: E.Bolortsetseg, U.Khandarmaa, Accounting-Taxation-I-2 (Band)  


Congratulate you all participants and organizers and wish you success in your further studies.