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Date: 2020-04-06 10:15:01 Seen: 117


Warm greetings to Mandakh University colleagues, faculties, staff and students!

My name is B. Ankhzaya and I graduated from the Mandakh University in 2014 with major of Business Economics and Accounting under the supervision of Lecturer Sh.Tsetsegjargal.

For many years I have been suffering from the back disease with diagnosis of scoliosis (curved spine) and I had a dream to become healthy through the surgery.

 I have been informed in July, 2019 that there was  a possibility  to be resolved my disease by surgery in Turkey. So, I decided to go to Turkey for surgery and opened my page in November 2019. There was announced in my page  “Help Zaya” donation campaign and  by the initiative of Lecturers G. Khandsuren and Sh. Tsetsegjargal, Mandakh University colleagues actively joined this event.


Through this letter, I express my deepest gratitude for your extending warm-hearted hands to help me.  

With your great supports, I have been successfully treated in LIV hospital in Istanbul,  Turkey. I had 2 surgeries and my first surgery ( Flatten back)  was in January 31 and the second surgery ( 6 hours)  was in February 7, 2020.  

Now, I feel very good  and as a result of surgery, my back has been flattened. My height becomes plus 10 centimeters.

Thank you very much for your help and I wish you all good happiness in your lives!