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Mandakh University students successfully attend the competition “Best business project” organized by Nandin Brothers Group LLC

Date: 2020-01-29 15:17:49 Seen: 122


Every year  Nandin Brothers Group LLC organizes a competition among the graduate students of Mongolian universities to select “Best business project”. The competition is conducted under the following purposes .  

1.      Studying current trends in business thinking of students and implementing best business project  

2.     Preparing new cadres for  “Nandin Brothers Group”LLC 

3.     Supporting selected students within the social responsibility of the organization by granting school tuition fees and helping them to to realize their business ideas.    

The competition had two phases and was held from September 20 to December 15, 2019. There were 18 teams representing 6 universities to compete in the competition and 6 projects from National University of Mongolia, Mongolian University of Life Sciences, University of Finance and Economics, Mongolian University of Science and Technology  and Mandakh University were selected for the 2nd phase.

Our Mandakh University has prepared 2 teams for this competition. Both teams  were selected for the 2nd phase of the competition.  Our 1st team was named as “Cashmere Gold” and consisted of 3 members including  Tsagaankhuu, Senior Student of Accounting-English program,  leader of the team, Usukhbayar, Junior Student of Accounting –Taxation program, Member of the team and Enkhtur, Senior Student of  Accounting –Taxation program, Member of the team. Our 2 nd team was named as  “Seabucktorn” and consisted of 3 members including  Delgermaa, Senior Student of Accounting-Taxation program,  leader of the team, Jamiyantseren, Senior Student of Accounting –Taxation program, Member of the team and Tuvshintur, Junior Student of Accounting –Taxation program, Member of the team.

While the 1st team “Cashmere Gold” won the second place, the 2 nd team won the special prize of the competition and totally awarded with 2 million tugrugs.  Both team received job offers from the organizers.  

The lecturers of Economics and Business Department, Mandakh University, B. Sainjargal and M.Januzakh  supervised  two participating teams.