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President of Mandakh University is awarded the Best Woman of the Year in Educational Sector for 2019

Date: 2020-01-03 14:21:20 Seen: 95



Every year, Mongolian Women’s Federation founded 95 years ago,  recognizes Best Women of the Year in the country’s different sectors and hands the awards “Alungoo” trophy and Certificate of Honor to them.

President of Mandakh University, Prof. G.Nanjid has been recognized and awarded the Best Woman of the Year  in Educational Sector for 2019.

Prof. G.Nanjid has devoted her 47 years of life to the development of higher education in Mongolia and still working as a President of Mandakh University since its establishment in 1992.

Mandakh University is recognized as the most outstanding university in higher education system of Mongolia and accredited by the International prestigious organization. One of our great achievements is that our university has received the award of “The best organization of the Year 2018”given by the World Confederation of Business. Mandakh University has become first ever institution which has implemented ISO 9001:2015  Quality Management System in Mongolian higher education system, based on this implementation, we are working, now  on further implementation of ISO 21001:2018 Educational Organizations Management System at our university. 

By the initiative of Prof.G.Nanjid, Mandakh University has developed and implemented study programs  focused on educating young generation to be well qualified professionals who gained ideal and patriotic education. As result of those programs, our graduates  have the opportunities to be employed for prestigious companies  and organizations by satisfying their  job demands. So, our university has been recognized by the Mongolian Employers’ Federation as an University of having alumni who can have jobs soon after their graduation.


Our President G.Nanjid is committed to social responsibility and regularly participates in the events and initiates many works to deliver cultural and training  activities to the social vulnerable groups such as children, single mothers and local citizens.

For her great contribution to the development of educational system of Mongolia, Prof.G.Nanjid was awarded with Order of Red Banner of Labour by the decree of President of Mongolia and  received Best University President of Ulaanbaatar city  Award. She also received the title of “Honored Professor”  from the Academic Council of Europe Business Assembly, in Oxford, UK.