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Mandakh University announces its Best student and Best employee of the Year 2019

Date: 2019-12-30 14:20:50 Seen: 134


The new year events for the Mandakh University staff members and students, have been held on December 24 and 26 th, 2019 and the Best student and  Best employee of the Year 2019, have been announced. 

The TOP 10 students of the year 2019:  

  1. B. Ankhzaya (Darkhan branch school)
  2. G. Munkhtuvshin (Accounting &Auditing-IV) 
  3. B. Nyamtuya (Accounting & Auditing- IV)
  4. Ts. Tseveenjargal (Accounting & Auditing- IV)
  5. O. Lkhagva-Ochir (Accounting & Auditing- III)
  6. A. Tseveendash (Accounting & Auditing- IV) 
  7. B. Mandakh-Enkhjin  (Darkhan branch school)  
  8. B. Munkhchimeg  (Darkhan branch school)  
  9. M. Undral (Accounting & Banking-III)
  10. B.Oyuntungalag  (Darkhan branch school) 
  11. E.Enkhdelkhii (Darkhan branch school) 
  12. Ch.Naranchimeg (Accounting & English- III)

In accordance with Procedure of the Mandakh University for granting scholarships to the students  of the  Bachelor degree program, the following students who shared their contributions to the activities of the Student’s Council, received the certificates of discount from the study fees:  

  1. Ch.Usukhbayar, Chairman of Student’s Council  (Accounting & Taxation –III) –up to 10 %  from the study fees                 
  2. N. Sumiyabazar, Vice-Chairman  of Student’s Council (Accounting & Banking-III) – up to 10 %          
  3. A. Munkhmaral, Secretary of  Student’s Council (Accounting & Statistics- III) – up to 5 % )   
  4. U. Otgonzaya, Head of Control Committee of  Student’s Council  (Accounting & Banking- III) – up to 5 %         

In accordance with Procedure of the Mandakh University’s Student’s Council, the following students received the certificates of discount from the study fees:  

  1. G. Khulan, Member of Student’s Council ( Accounting & English- IV) –up to 5 %                  
  2. P. Tamir,  Member of Student’s Council (Accounting & Taxation – IV) – up to 5%                                
  3. G. Uyanga,  Member of Student’s Council ( Finance & Banking- IV)-  up to 5%                                
  4. S. Otgonzaya,  Member of Student’s Council ( Accounting – Information system- II)- up to 5%                                
  5. B.Uyanga, Member of Student’s Council (Finance & Management- II)- up to 5%

The following students have been awarded with medals of Best student by the Mongolian Association of  Private Colleges and Universities:

  1. A. Buyandelger, Student of Accounting &Statistics- II
  2. U.Otgonzaya, Student of Accounting & Banking –III 
  3. Kh. Baljinnyam, Student of Accounting & Auditing- IV
  4. Kh. Zoljargal, Student of Accounting & Auditing- IV

G.Bazarsad, Student of Accounting- English-III, has received a medal of 80 years of Mongolian Red Cross Society for his great contribution to the  Social Welfare activities within the Humanitarian aid. 

The award for Best employee of the Year 2019 of Mandakh University has been given to Ms. P.Bolormaa, Quality and Evaluation Officer and the award for the Best research work has been given to B. Sainjargal, Lecturer of Economics and Business  Department of Mandakh University.  

During the  New Year Event, there was competition for the Best greetings performance  among the colleagues of Mandakh University and the faculty members of Science and Engineering Department won the first place.


We, colleagues of Mandakh University  have gained a lot of good progress in 2019 and we do hope this upcoming new year 2020 will bring us new challenges and opportunities.