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ISO 21001:2018 Educational organization management systems (EOMS) is being introduced and implemented at the Mandakh University

Date: 2019-10-03 15:18:54 Seen: 1074


 Mandakh University colleagues are working on new introduction and implementation of ISO 21001:2018 Educational organization management systems in the educational system of Mongolia for the first time. Within this activity, Mandakh University has invited an International  ISO Consultant, Mr. Shrinivas Nilkund from India for consultation training on preparation work of ISO 21001: 2018 and its implementing process. 

In 2017, Mandakh University has successfully implemented ISO 9001:2015 standards of the Quality Management System. As a result of this ISO 9001:2015 implementation, Mandakh University has satisfied all requirements of ISO standards and  made a lot of improvements in the educational activties, improving coherence of activities between departments and units and sharing information along with the colleagues as timely.

Based on previous experience to implement ISO standards, Mandakh University colleagues are working on new  introduction of ISO 21001:2018.


An International ISO Consultant, Mr. Shrinivas Nilkund, who is working at the Mandakh University, says that “Mandakh University is capable of meeting all necessary requirements of ISO 21001:2018 EOMS standards aligned with standards of documentation, school environment and resources. I am very confident about our further cooperation for ISO 21001:2018 implementation at the Mandakh University.”

Through this new standards application of EOMS, Mandakh University will benefit  to improve its research and training ability and enhance the satisfaction of learners and interested parties, in further, improve the quality management system continuously. It also brings significant role to the Mandakh University to increase its status and valuation to be internationally recognized university.