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The new Academic Year 2019-2020 has started

Date: 2019-09-07 14:42:38 Seen: 250


The ceremony of new Academic Year 2019-2020 has been held at the Mandakh University on September 2, 2019.  This academic year, Mandakh University has receieved over 250 new students for its full time academic programs.

At the opening of new Academic year, Professor G.Nanjid, President of Mandakh University has delivered her remarkable speech. In her opening speech, she has enthusiastically noted that the year of 2019 has brought many good achievements to our colleagues and students as well. We have successfully worked on certification of accreditation of our several academic programs and implementation of quality management system ISO 9001:2015 at Mandakh University. Within the framework of our vision to be internationally recognized research university, we have successfully organized the 4th International Scientific Conference “Mandakh-2019”. Our students have successfully participated in and won the first places from the national olympiad  and research conferences which were organized among the Mongolian Colleges and Universities. At the end of her speech, she wished all Mandakh colleagues and students big success in their further studying and working.

During the ceremony, the students who gained good study achievements during academic year 2018-2019 as well as new enrolled students who have had high scores of Entrance examination, have received the certificates with 10-50 % of discount of tuition fees.

The certificates to new students who had high scores of Entrance examination:

  1. N. Uyanga (Accounting- taxation)
  2. L.Nuutsgee (Accounting-English)
  3.  G.Khuslen (Financial management)
  4. N.Enkhmaa (Financial management)
  5. B. Dorjderem (Accounting-English)
  6. A. Tugstuguldur (Accounting-English)
  7. D.Batdulam (Accounting- Auditing)
  8. B.Nyamsuld (Accounting- Banking)
  9. B. Gansukh (Accounting- Auditing)
  10. E.Enkhtuul (Accounting- Taxation)
  11. E.Otgontsetseg (Accounting- Auditing)
  12. B.Dulguun (Accounting- Auditing)
  13. U.Khandarmaa (Accounting- Taxation)
  14. Z.Maralgoo (Financial management)
  15. G.Nomin-Erdene (Accounting-English)
  16. J.Munkh-khishig (Logistic management)
  17. Munkhnasan (Accounting- Banking)
  18. P.Sansarmaa (Accounting- Taxation)
  19. Ts.Munkh-Od (Accounting- Auditing)
  20. B.Ariuntuya (Accounting- Auditing)


The certificates to the students who studied successfully during the Academic year 2018-2019:

The 2nd course students:

  1. A. Mungunchimeg (Accounting-taxation)
  2. Z.Namuun-Erdene (Accounting- Auditing)
  3. B.Delgermagnai (Accounting- Auditing)
  4. O.Tugs-Oyun (Accounting-English)
  5. Kh.Gulnur (Financial management)
  6. D.Bilegsaikhan (Banking management)
  7. A.Buyandelger ( Accounting-Statistics)
  8. Ch.Baigalmaa (Accounting- Auditing)
  9. E.Oyun-dari (Accoutning-Banking)
  10. B.Bayartsetseg (Accounting-Taxation)
  11. N.Orolmaa (Accounting- Auditing)
  12. T.Odmaa (Accounting-Taxation)
  13. B.Telmuun (Accounting-English)
  14. A.Tsend-Ayush (Accoutning-Banking)
  15. P.Myagmardulam (Accounting- Auditing)
  16. Kh.Daginas (Accounting-English)
  17. O.Solongo (Accounting-Taxation)
  18. M.Munguntsooj (Accounting-English)
  19. B.Bilguunzaya (Accounting-English)
  20. G.Byamba-dulam (Accounting- Auditing)
  21. M.Sod-khuslen (Accounting- Auditing)
  22. E.Ariunsuvd (Accounting- Auditing)
  23. G.Enkhjin (Accounting-Statistics)
  24. G.Khulan (Accounting-Taxation)
  25. B.Dulguuntsend (Accounting- Auditing)
  26. B.Ankhtuya (Accounting- Auditing)
  27. N.Oyuntungalag (Accounting- Auditing)
  28.  E.Saikhanbayar (Accounting-English)
  29. M.Jargalmaa (Accounting- Auditing)
  30. J.Ariunzaya (Accounting-Taxation)
  31. Z.Uranbileg (Accounting-Taxation)

The 3rd course students:

  1. Ts.Purevtsogt (Accounting- Auditing)
  2. M.Undral (Accounting-Banking)
  3. B.Sarangerel (Accounting- Auditing)
  4. G.Enkh-Otgon (Accounting-Statistics)
  5. Ch.Khongor (Accounting-English)
  6. G.Enkh-khuslen (Accounting-Taxation)
  7. E.Minjinsor (Accounting-Taxation)
  8. U.Khashchimeg (Accounting-Banking)
  9. Ts.Sarangya (Accounting-Banking)


      The 4 th course students:

  1. A.Narankhuyag (Accounting- Auditing)
  2. G.Munkh-tuvshin (Accounting- Auditing)
  3. S.Tseveenjargal (Accounting- Auditing)
  4. B.Nyamtuya (Accounting- Auditing)
  5. O.Sarangya (Accounting-Banking)
  6. D.Gerelmaa (Accounting-English)
  7. M.Nomin (Accounting-English)
  8. G.Bat-Erdene (Accounting- Auditing)
  9. D.Nyam-dari (Accounting-Banking)
  10. G.Misheelt (Accounting-English)
  11. E.Tseveendash (Accounting- Auditing)
  12. Kh.Usukh-erdene (Accounting- Auditing)
  13. P.Tsagaankhuu ( Accounting-English)
  14. S.Sodchimeg (Accounting- Auditing)
  15. P.Altanzul (Accounting-Banking)
  16. J.Nandin-Erdene (Accounting-Banking)
  17. E.Khongorzul (Accounting-Taxation)
  18. O.Azjargal (Accounting-English)
  19. B.Amarbuyan (Accounting-English)
  20. N.Bulganchimeg (Accounting- Auditing)
  21. M.Batchimeg (Accounting-Banking)
  22. O.Urtnasan (Accounting-Taxation)
  23. M.Urjinkhand (Accounting-Taxation)
  24. B.Munkhbayar (Accounting- Auditing)
  25. B.Nominzul (Accounting- Auditing)
  26. J.Sukhbat (Accounting-Banking)
  27. N.Shuhert (Accounting- Auditing)
  28. L.Byambasuren (Accounting-English)
  29. E.Tsolmon (Accounting- Auditing)
  30. E.Khongorzul (Accounting-Taxation)
  31. E.Delgermaa (Accounting-Taxation)
  32. D.Uranchimeg (Accounting-Taxation)
  33. G.Bilguuntugs (Accounting-Taxation)
  34. B.Khongorzul (Accounting-Taxation)

On behalf of new Mandakh students, the student N.Uyanga who enrolled to attend Accounting-Taxation program, has made a speech and shared her first impression.  Then the first school bell has rung and the students of Mandakh University have come in their classrooms with big enthusiasm.