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Graduation ceremony of Bachelor degree program of Mandakh University

Date: 2019-05-09 15:15:01 Seen: 224


The 24th graduation ceremony and the celebration of 27 th years of anniversary of foundation of Mandakh University, have been held on May 8, 2019, at Cultural Palace of Mongolian Trade Union.

Prof. G.Nanjid, President of Mandakh University, has opened the ceremony and in her speech, she said that every year our colleagues share our successful achievements for the celebration of anniversary of  foundation of Mandakh University. To mention some academic  achievements carried out by Mandakh University:

  • We have new contemporary school building with state-of-the-art facilities in the downtown 
  • We have first graduation of Finance-Banking program this year 
  • Our school has been selected as “Regional Best Enterprise” of European Business Assembly 
  • We received mandate from Ministry of Education, Culture and Science to run Post-graduate degree program for Business Administration and Bachelor degree program for Engineering Economics in 2018.
  • Our university has successfully passed the preliminary accreditation process to launch Bachelor degree programs for Logistic management, Foreign Language Translator, Graphic design and Computer network.   
  • Our school library has received a throphy “The Year’s Emphasized Creation”

Prof.G.Nanjid has extended her wishes to the graduates that they would raise their Mandakh University’s reputation by adhering to professional ethics, be successful professionals who have positive attitudes and make efforts to develop and improve knowledges  all the  time as well as great contributors to the future development of the country.

The representative of employers, Honored Economist of Mongolia, D.Jigden, Director of “Dalai van Audit” firm, has delivered his remarkable speech and shared his thoughts about the lessons with the graduates that they would take consideration into their further lives and jobs. 

During the ceremony, the students who studied successful and received grants of  scholarship program and the faculties, have been awarded with certificates along with tangible prizes.


Our Mandakh University’s Student’s Employment  Promotion  Centre receives many job offers from employers every year and so far “Magnai Trade” LLC, “Khan Maim” LLC, “Altan Impex”LLC, “Government News”newspaper, “Tenuun Ulzii”LLC and “Netcapital”LLC have submitted their requests to offer jobs to our graduates. One of those companies, “Tod tax”LLC has handed job invitations to our graduates durin the graduation ceremony.