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Collaboration Agreement is made by and between Mandakh University and Golomt bank

Date: 2019-05-31 09:38:41 Seen: 420


The signing ceremony of Collaboration Agreement between Mandakh University and Golomt bank was held at the meeting room of  Mandakh University, on May 29, 2019. The ceremony had the presence of Prof. G. Nanjid, President of Mandakh University and  management of  Mandakh University, and  the representatives from Golomt bank,  D. Sugar, Chief Operation Officer and G. Uyanga, Director of Human Resource Department.   

 During the ceremony, two parties have exchanged their opinions on future collaboration fields apart from areas specified in the agreement. Within the  framework of Collaboration Agreement, the parties have agreed to collaborate in the field of promoting activities of student’s club, improving student’s research work, creating possible conditions for students to practice in the field and preparing them for workplace.

Golomt bank has over 2300 staff members and from those over 120 employees are alumni of Mandakh University.