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Representatives of USA Peregrine Leadership Institute, Academic Services visit Mandakh University

Date: 2019-05-01 16:41:06 Seen: 342


On April 29, 2019, the delegates led by Mr. Olin Oedekoven, President of USA  Peregrine Leadership Institute, Academic Services visited Mandakh University. Prof. G. Nanjid, President of Mandakh University, received the delegates and held meeting with them.

The meeting was attended by Laurel E. Vicklund, Vice President, J. Alimaa, Director of Global Programs & Marketing and Kayla Vos, Assistant Director of Client Services from Peregrine Leadership Institute, Academic Services, and   Ch.Turbadrakh, Vice-President of Academic Affairs and  S. Enkhtuvshin, Vice-President of Finance and Development Policy from Mandakh University.

During the meeting, President G.Nanjid has introduced delegates recent activities carried out and the progress made by the Mandakh University.

After the introduction of Mandakh University, two parties have mutually exchanged their opinions on the activities which are being undertaken within the framework of MoU on cooperation.  

The delegates enjoyed to visit new school facility of Mandakh University which has created a nice atmosphere and comfortable environment for students as well as  staff members. 

Mandakh University has been cooperating with USA Peregrine Academy since 2012 on the area of evaluation of student learning outcomes by Inbound/Outbound exam approach. By result of Outbound exam for 12 different subjects, our university has scored more than average point of Member Institutions by ACBSP Regions 8,  as well as other Mongolian Universities and Colleges.