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Mandakh University wins the 1 st place in the National Accounting Olympiad- 2019

Date: 2019-04-23 11:29:09 Seen: 521

Every year, the Mongolian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MONICPA) holds its National Accounting Olympiad among the universities and colleges where prepare accounting professionals. The National Accounting Olympiad is just one of the Mandakh University’s initiatives meant to drive the growth of the profession. Since its inception in 1998, the competition has grown in popularity over the years, with more schools taking part than ever. The Olympiad promotes the students to enhance their accounting knowledge and skills. The goal of this event is to encourage accounting veterans who contributed their great efforts to the accounting system in Mongolia  and give the opportunity university lecturers to share their professional knowledge and teaching experience on educating future Mongolian leaders and analysts.

The students who participated in the Olympiad from generation to generation, now have already  become  policy –making authority directors, multi-national corporate’s business consultants, financial managers, auditing and evaluation companies’ directors as well as accounting lecturers, representing over 30 Mongolian universities and colleges.      

The 22nd National Accounting Olympiad was successfully held at the National University of Mongolia (NUM) in Ulaanbaatar from April 18-19, 2019  where 12 universities participated with 60 student contestants. The participating universities and colleges are as follows:

  • National University of Mongolia (NUM),
  • Mandakh University (MU)
  • University of Finance and Economics (UFE)
  • Mongolian University of Life Sciences (MULS)
  • University of the Humanities (UHM)
  • San University (SU)
  • Institute of International Economics and Business (IIEB)
  • Otgontenger University
  •  Ulaanbaatar Erdem University (UEU)
  •  Etugen University ( EU)
  • Erdenet School of  NUM. and
  • Branch School of Mandakh University “Darkhan”


Our winners in the 22 nd National Accounting Olympiad

This year, O. Sarangua, junior student for Accounting- Banking,  Mandakh University  took 1st  place. In the 2nd  place was B. Nyamtuya, junior student for Accounting- Auditing, Mandakh University. The 5 th place was awarded to G. Munkhtuvshin,  junior student for Accounting- Auditing, Mandakh University.

The students from Branch School of Mandakh University “Darkhan”, A. Shijirbaatar and  B. Ankhzaya  took 5th and 7th places among the top10 performers of the Olympiad.  

Among the participating universities and colleges, our Mandakh University team took the 1st  place and our Branch School “Darkhan” took the 5th place of the Olympiad.

The Accounting Lecturer, Mandakh University,  G.Zolboo who supervised  his students for this  Olympiad, received a prize “Best Teacher” at the award ceremony of the event.






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