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The Mandakh University delegates attend the 1 st Assembly of Financial and Banking Women

Date: 2019-04-08 17:17:58 Seen: 160

The  1st Assembly of Financial and Banking Women was held at the State Building Hall  on March 27, 2019, under auspicies of the Speaker of Mongolian Parliament Mr. G. Zandanshatar. The Assembly was attended by over 800 female participants representing Banking and Financial sectors of Mongolia,   Governmental and Non-governmental organizations.

During the Assembly, Ms. D. Enkhjargal, Head of Financial and Banking Women’s Association and Ms. Z. Narantuya, Member of Parliament of Mongolia have delivered great presentations under the theme of “Women’s economical power” and “Poverty, unemployment and financial education”, respectively. The Assembly was followed by the panel discussion on the following  issues. 

  1. The policy and direction from the state and government organizations to deliver financial education to the public and improve financial accessibility
  2. The programmes and projects implemented by the International Banking and Financial Organizations to promote women and those project results and experience
  3. Women’s leadership in financial sector
  4. Accessibility of financial products and service

The President of Mandakh University G. Nanjid, Head of  President’s Office, S. Enkhtuya, an Accountant B. Bolor-Erdene, Senior Lecturer A. Narantsetseg, Lecturers S. Munkhtsetseg, T. Zolboo and Juinor students M. Batchimeg, A. Anudari, participated in this event.

When the President G. Nanjid participated as a Speaker in the panel discussion which was addressed to the “Women’s leadership in financial sector ”, she said that “It is  not only  managerial position requires leadership skills but  also every person who performs her/his job more effectively and more ethically, learns from her/his colleagues, respects others, finds positive ways to solve complex problems and has ability to work in team, should be considered  as a leader”.




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