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Handover ceremony of the C block school building as an extention of Mandakh University campus

2020-02-14 16:43:16 19

  Since,  the construction project of Mandakh University  has started in 2017, the A and B blocks of the school buildings have been commisioned in August, 2018. At the end of 2019, the C block of 5 stores school building  furnished with state -of -the art equipments and techniques has been commisioned . The handover ceremony of this building was held on January 16,2020.  The school building contains 11 classrooms  with capaity of 550 seats, meeting room with 130 seats and office rooms.  The campus is designed to provide an excellent educational environment, in accordance with the highest international and local standards using the latest technology in classrooms. The construction work of this C block  was  implemented  in a h [ ... ]
“Mandakh Research” International Scientific Journal is published

2020-02-10 12:12:06 74

  Mandakh University has released its second volume of “Mandakh Research” International Scientific Journal. The journal covers 12 scientific articles written by multi-disciplinary  groups of scientists and university professors under the different subjects.  It is available to any interested people and please see it at the link Our “Mandakh Research” International Scientific Journal is internationally registered and it is aimed at enhancing the opportunity of scientists, researchers as well as university professors  to deliver their scientific or research works to the worldwide public and promoting their new innovative ideas for the fields in Accounting, Business, Finance, Education, Humanitie [ ... ]
Mandakh University students successfully attend the competition “Best business project” organized by Nandin Brothers Group LLC

2020-01-29 15:17:49 71

  Every year  Nandin Brothers Group LLC organizes a competition among the graduate students of Mongolian universities to select “Best business project”. The competition is conducted under the following purposes .   1.      Studying current trends in business thinking of students and implementing best business project   2.     Preparing new cadres for  “Nandin Brothers Group”LLC  3.     Supporting selected students within the social responsibility of the organization by granting school tuition fees and helping them to to realize their business ideas.     The competition had two phases and was held from September 20 to December [ ... ]
President of Mandakh University is awarded the Best Woman of the Year in Educational Sector for 2019

2020-01-03 14:21:20 96

    Every year, Mongolian Women’s Federation founded 95 years ago,  recognizes Best Women of the Year in the country’s different sectors and hands the awards “Alungoo” trophy and Certificate of Honor to them. President of Mandakh University, Prof. G.Nanjid has been recognized and awarded the Best Woman of the Year  in Educational Sector for 2019. Prof. G.Nanjid has devoted her 47 years of life to the development of higher education in Mongolia and still working as a President of Mandakh University since its establishment in 1992. Mandakh University is recognized as the most outstanding university in higher education system of Mongolia and accredited by the International prestigious organization. One of our great achievements is that o [ ... ]
Mandakh University announces its Best student and Best employee of the Year 2019

2019-12-30 14:20:50 135

  The new year events for the Mandakh University staff members and students, have been held on December 24 and 26 th, 2019 and the Best student and  Best employee of the Year 2019, have been announced.  The TOP 10 students of the year 2019:   B. Ankhzaya (Darkhan branch school) G. Munkhtuvshin (Accounting &Auditing-IV)  B. Nyamtuya (Accounting & Auditing- IV) Ts. Tseveenjargal (Accounting & Auditing- IV) O. Lkhagva-Ochir (Accounting & Auditing- III) A. Tseveendash (Accounting & Auditing- IV)  B. Mandakh-Enkhjin  (Darkhan branch school)   B. Munkhchimeg  (Darkhan branch school)   M. Undral (Accounting & Banking-III) B.Oyuntungalag  (Darkhan branch school)&n [ ... ]
Mandakh University faculty member successully attends International Conference on Economics of Decoupling, hosted by the University of Zagreb, Croatia

2019-12-23 15:06:40 142

    The paper titled “Determination and Analysis of Trade Potential for Dominant Mining Export Countries”, authored S.Tsolmon, G.Erdenetsogt and G.Uyanga, was selected for presentation at the Conference which was held on December 2-3, 2019,  Zagreb, Croatia. In order to present the selected paper, G.Uyanga, Lecturer of Economics and Business Department, Mandakh University, participated in the above said event on behalf of other two co-auhtors. Over 40 delegates from 8 different countries including  USA, Slovenia, Croatia, Iran, Pakistan, Mongolia and Hungary gathered to participate in this  conference and discussed topics related to economics of decoupling.   The conference participants who were representing young researchers, post [ ... ]
Our Mandakh University faculty member becomes the Best Young Scientist of the 2019 Year for the Economics and Business Administration sector

2019-12-20 16:25:45 98

  The annual new year event for the Top 100 Young Scientists and researchers was organized by  the Mongolian Young Scientist’s Association on December 12, 2019. During the event, there was an award ceremony of the Best Young Scientists of the 2019 year, selected by Mongolian Young Scientist’s Association for  7 sectors. Winners of the Best Young Scientist of the Year 2019 by sectors: S. Tungalag, Methodologist for Research quality of the  Quality certification unit, Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences ( Medical science sector) U.Enerelt, Assoc.Prof. Dr, Department of Biology, School of Science, National University of Mongolia (Natural science sector )  S. Javkhlan, Research Fellow,  Botanic Garden and Research&nbs [ ... ]
The students of Darkhan branch school of Mandakh University won the gold and silver medals in the 13th National Management Olympiad

2019-12-17 14:07:35 123

  The 13th National Management Olympiad has been successfully organized by the Management Department of School of Economics and Business, Mongolian University of Life Sciences, in cooperation with Mongolian Management Association and “Jandagsuren foundation” from December 12th to 13th, 2019 for economics and business students. Totally 65 students composed of 13 teams, representing 9 Mongolian universities and colleges, have participated in this Olympiad and competed with their theoretic knowledge and practice skills. Our Darkhan branch school students won the gold and bronze medals as well as special prizes. By the result of team competition, our students won the silver medal.  The following awards were given to the successful participants:   The fir [ ... ]
“Business English-2019” contest is successfully organized at Mandakh University

2019-12-06 11:46:19 95

  The “Business English-2019” contest hosted by Department of Foreign Languages of  Mandakh University, has been successfully organized from the 18 th to 22 nd of November , 2019. The contest is organized every academic year since 2013 and this year it covered junior students from 7 different classes including Accounting-Auditing, Accounting-Taxation, Accounting-Banking, Accounting-English, Accounting- Information System, Accounting- Statistics and Finance-Banking. The participants performed totally 5 tasks for the contest and the winner teams have received the Certificate of Honor and valued prizes. They are as follows: ·         The 1st place- Accounting-Auditing ·     & [ ... ]
The Prime Minister’s Scholarship Grants are awarded to Mandakh University students

2019-12-02 09:16:20 138

An award ceremony of the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Grants to the successful students, gathered from different corners of the country, has held at the Government House of Mongolia, on November 22, 2019.  There were 27 students selected to receive these grants for their successful studies, creative thinking, new initiatives, social responsibilities and art abilities.  At the ceremony, Prime Minister of Mongolia, U.Khurelsukh handed the awards to the students and wished them high success in their further studies and careers. He emphasized that every Mongolian citizen, specially young generation who will lead the future of Mongolia, would work with their great efforts for the sake of their Mother- country. Two students from Mandakh University, O. Sarangya, Senior [ ... ]