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Rule for selecting and rewarding the best student of

Mandakh Burtgel Institute

Allowance on the best student

  1. Student who participate in training, bringing up and public activities initiatively.
  2. Student who obey the school rules.
  3. Student has no breach of contract.
  4. Student who collect overall credit of academic year and get A grade for each exam.
  5. If student meet requirement of A-1 to A-4, he will grant 20% allowance that is worth that year fee on next year fee.
  6. If student who can meet the requirements move to or move from another school, he will not be involved. For student who moved from another school, grade which will get form school will be involved.
  7. Certificate of allowance will be handed on day of new session or 1st of September.

The best student award named by Sandagsuren. B, founder of Mandakh Burtgel Institute,

  1. Student who could meet requirement of best student more than twice, participated in scientific study and Olympiad held among Universities and Institutes successfully will be nominated by classmate or student council.
  2. In order to perform selection, lecturers’ suggestion will be taken.
  3. Governing Board of Director will discuss candidate and select one student.
  4.  Award named by Sandagsuren. B is worth 200,000 tugrugs.

Other awards


  1. If student granted award named by Founder.
  2. If student granted allowance on best student more than twice
  3. If students who were included in initial 10 students participated in National accounting Olympiad repeatedly will be granted following privileges. Herein;

B-2  If student meet requirements specified in a, b, c of B1,

  • If student meet one of requirements,


a)      Name of student will be written in honorary book of School

b)      Student will be nominated for studying abroad

c)      After graduating from Institute,

  • Certificate of the best student will be granted
  • Student can enter into postgraduate curriculum without entrance exam
  • Student will be nominated as lecturer at the University or Institute

B -3 student who participated in art, culture and public activities initiatively and successfully might be awarded due to order of Director of Mandakh Burtgel Institute as follow:

a)      Treasures and award

b)      Certificate of training course in the school is available free of charge

c)      To nominate student for prize of Ministry and Youth Organization

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