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Date: 2019-01-17 14:34:24 Seen: 1016

Together with my warm heart, I extend my greetings to our students, alumni, scholars, professors and staff members at the same time I am deeply grateful to our parther organizations, colleagues and  individual persons for their great supports and cooperation with Mandakh University.

We have spent very productive years which have brought new challenges and reforms in the field of higher education in Mongolia and I am really excited to inform that our university has transferred to the University status from August 1, 2017. Thanks to all of the accomplishments and remarkable work of us during 25 years, we deliver our institute to the University status that can be become internationally recognized  research and teaching university in the future.

Looking back our path we came off , our university has invested a lot of  good achievements in the field of Higher education, Accounting and Finance  of  Mongolia.

Since establishment of  Mandakh University, we have raised the following main goals which  include  to bring  more important and  more responsible profession of “Accountant ” into the right position, to prepare well educated  personnels who can satisfy today’s social demands and requirements, to contribute our role  to the implementation of new accounting system in Mongolia. Under the supports and concerted efforts of our colleagues, counterparts and cooperation with government and non-governmental organizations, we have reached particular good results mentioned below:

  • Today, many of university entrants want to be majored in Accounting.
  • Accountants have become “Very important persons” for the today’s companies.  
  • We have improved accounting to meet the international standards.
  • Our university professors  provide the tools and direction to the NGOs which are carrying out activities to associate accountants from different parts of Mongolia in order to  improve their professional skills through workshops and seminars and grant CPA certification to those accountants.
  • The accounting  standards have been developed and approved by the relevant authorites.
  • Our Bachelor and Master degrees programs have reached the International standards.  
  • The universities which run undergraduate and graduate  degrees programs for Accounting in  Mongolia, have become to attach their importance to the participation in the national accounting Olympiad.
  • We have widely participated in the scientific work and research projects.
  • We have actively participated in the campaign to write accounting textbooks and translate  related books.

At present, our university is accredited at international and national level.  We are always grateful that  alumni of our university are working successfully  in different areas of society, current students are studying with great progress and achievements of academic and non- academic activities with  high raise of our  univeristy’s reputation. It is also very remarkable point that over 90 % of our alumni are employed for particular jobs, a hundreds of graduators hold  high level positions in the field, many students study  in high developed countries for master and doctorate programs  and some of alumni work for the multi-national enterprises by obtaining  CPA  of those countries.

In accordance with the requirements for the universities, our university has been successfully accredited as for organization and education programs in the years below:

“Accredidation for organization ”

  • For the first time, in 1999
  • For the second time, in 2006
  • For the third time,  in 2016
  • For the 4 th time in 2018



  "Accredidation for education  programs”

        “ Bachelor degree in accounting”

  • For the first time, in 2007
  • For the second time, in 2012
  • For the third time, in 2018

         “Master degree in accounting”

  • For the first time In 2018

    Furthermore, Mandakh University has joined the USA Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) in 2011 and been accredited  by the ACBSP for organization and programs on May 2, 2014.  This way, we are pioneering  Mongolian universities and colleges to receive an international accreditation for organization and education programs.             

It is noted that this is very significant progress for our  Mandakh colleagues and students that we have created our values. They are as follows:

  • High quality education
  • Skillful experts
  • Professional ethics and accountability
  • Intelligence, humanity and integrity

I want to say that either Mandakh staff members, students and alumni should respect and prefer  these values all the time. The values we have created would be our guide and compass to achieve our Vision and Mission  and  will  still exist  in the future.


May floursish a good deed and a good education.


                        President of Mandakh University, Prof. G. Nanjid




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