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Doctor, Professor of Economics

Work Experience

  • 1970-1990  Planning Economist, Specialist,  Head of the Department, Deputy Trade Minister, the First Vice-Minister
  • 1992-1996   Chairman of General Department of Taxation
  • 2000-2004   Chairman of State Property Committee
  • 2004-2008   Member of Parliament, Chairman of the Standing Committee
  • 2009 -2010  President of  Bank of Mongolia  
  • 2012             Became Honorary Professor of the Mandakh University  

He gave a significant contribution to develop and implement the policy of higher education development in Mongolia.  



Mr. D. Davaasambuu has completed the College of Finance and Economy in 1973 and then he graduated from the Moscow State University in 1979 and majored in Economist of International Relations.

He  worked with his great efforts and devoted himself to the preparation of qualified cadres majored in Accounting and Finance as well as introduction of International Accounting Standards (IAS) in Mongolia.

Work Experience

  • 1973-1990      Instructor, Officer , Senior Officer, Head of the Department at  the Ministry of Finance
  • 1990-1992       Deputy Finance Minister
  • 1992-1995       Finance Minister
  • 1995-1999       Ambassador to  People’s Republic of China
  • 1999-2000       Deputy Head of the Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 2001-2008      Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland   

He received state awards such as “North Star”, honored medals on the occasion of the 70,80 th anniversary of the People’s Revolution. And, he also received a title of Best Officer of Finance and Banking.


Former Minister of Finance, Minister of Education, Culture and Science, and Head of the Office of the President of Mongolia

Major: International lawyer and Economist

Mr. P. Tsagaan was born in Bulgan soum, Bayan-Ulgii province in 1959. He has completed Law College in 1979 and entered Law School of the National University of Mongolia in 1980. While he was studying at the National University, he was selected as a successful candidate to study at the   School of Foreign Services of Moscow ( Former Soviet Union), Russia and he has graduated it in 1985 with major of  International lawyer and Economist.

Work Experience:

  • 1990-1992       Secretary-general, Governor’s Office of Ulaanbaatar
  • 1992                  Vice –Minister of Labor
  • 1992-1995       First Assistant to the President of Mongolia
  • 1995-1996      General President of  Golomt Bank
  • 1996-1998       Minister of  Finance
  • 2004-2008       Minister of Education, Culture and Science
  • 2006-2009       Advisor  of Democratic Party’s group in the  Parliament
  • 2009-2013       Policy Advisor to the President of Mongolia for Mineral  Resources, Energy and Infrastructure
  • 2013- 2017      Head of the  Office of President of Mongolia



State Honored Economist, Prof. Ph.D


Mr. R. Batjargal has worked as a Consultant Professor at the Mandakh University since 1996 and as an Advisor of Accounting Development Fund and Mongolian Institute of Certified Appraisers since 2012. He is also engaged in activities of the  Academic Council at the Mandakh University. Moreover, he was  one of pioneers  when Mandakh University was established  and still working with us.


Work Experience

  • 1978-1992       Lecturer, Mongolian University of Life Sciences
  • 1992-1996       Lecturer, Mandakh University
  • 1996-1997       President, Mongolian Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • 1997-2012       Head of Department, Ministry of Finance
  • 2012-present Advisor of Accounting Development Fund and Mongolian Institute of Certified Appraisers since


S. ULZIIBAT Prof. (Ph.D.)

Mr. Ulziibat is a Director of School of Information and Technology which is  component school of Mandakh University and he was  one of pioneers when Mandakh University was established.  He is the first author of accounting textbooks such as Expenditure accounting and Management  accounting and those books, now become the main textbooks to be used by University students and professional staff members.


Work Experience

  • 1978-1982  Specialist, Supreme Council of Cooperative Union of  Agriculture
  • 1982-1993  Lecturer and Head of the Department at  Mongolian University of Life Sciences
  • 1993-2010  Director of Studies, Mandakh University
  • 2010- present   Director of School of Information and Technology, component school of Mandakh University


State Honored Economist, Prof. Ph.D

Mr. L. Dondog has completed College of Finance and Economy in 1966 with major of Accountant and then he graduated from the Mongolian University of Agriculture in 1976 with specialty  of Economist.

He has worked as a Chief Accountant at the Avdarkhangai cooperative, Sergelen soum, Tuv province for the period of 7 years, then he moved to Ulaanbaatar to work at the Institution of Economics, Mongolian Academy of Sciences. He worked there as a Research Officer and then he was promoted  to work as a Director of the Institution.   Since 1993, Mr. L. Dondog has held many different positions such as a Head of Professional Council of Accounting, a Head of Department of the Accounting Policy and Methodology at the Ministry of Finance, a President of Mongolian Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and a Head of Mongolian Institute of Accounting. During that period, he has actively been engaged in the process of development of the Law of Mongolia on Accounting in 1993 and its revised version in 2001, and Law of Mongolia on Auditing in 1997 and its revised version in 2006. He has contributed his great efforts and invaluable experience to the development of new Accounting system in Mongolia. He participated in and devoted himself to introduce International Accounting Standards into all entities and public organizations of Mongolia through campaign to publish new accounting guidebooks and manuals translating the International Accounting Standards ( IASs) and  International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) from English into Mongolian. He has also  provided  many tools and directions to develop procedures in order to meet the new accounting system and establish new auditing companies in Mongolia. Mr. L. Dondog  is one of our outstanding and first degree professor who has played significant role to strengthen cooperation with other universities and colleges and prepare qualified cadres at the Mandakh University.


Ts. Yadamsuren

Doctor, Professor

Dr. Assoc. Prof. Mr. Ts. Yadamsuren has graduated from the National University of Mongolia in 1966 with major of Economist and Planner of National Economy (at the time of Centralized and Planned economy of former Socialist system). Soon after as he completed university, he was sent to Huvsgul province, to work as an Economist at Delgermurun cooperative. Then he was sent back to Ulaanbaatar and appointed as a Head of Department of Urban transport Management. He also held position of Senior Officer at the Economic Committee of the Academy of Science of Mongolia. From 1993, Mr. Ts. Yadamsuren has started to work at the Mandakh University. He  taught  students subjects of History of Mongolian Economy and Communication Psychology. While he was working at Mandakh University, he was a Head of Department and Secretary of Faculties of the University. Now, he holds a role for Member of Academic Council of the Mandakh University. Besides, his full time assignments, he has done several research works on Development of Household business in Mongolia and written 5 textbooks and more than 70 scientific articles. He has regularly provided the tools and direction to the undergraduate and graduate students helping them to obtain the skills and appropriate methods to do research work. Mr. Ts.Yadamsuren has been awarded with Mongolian state order “North Star” and honored medals for his successful work.


G. Nanjid


Ms. G. Nanjid has majored in Accounting and Economics and she has worked as a University Lecturer of Accounting and Economics at the National University of Mongolia (NUM) from 1973 to 2001. She was participating with important role in the establishment of Mandakh University in 1992,  by giving professional assistance and directions to  the strengthening and development of the university. Now, she performs the duty of the  President of the Mandakh University. She puts in motion plans to grow and  this growth will make Mandakh University an institution that is universally respected for the quality of research and educational standards.


Her valuable contribution to the development of higher education and accounting system in Mongolia has been considered as important. She has made great efforts and devoted her significant role to the establishment and development of the Mongolian Institute of Specified Public Accountants, Consortium of Mongolian Universities and Colleges, Mongolian Association of Private Universities and Colleges and  Mongolian National Council for Education Accreditation.  

She has been awarded with Best Officer of Education, Accounting and Statistics, and received title as Mongolian National Best Manager and Asia-European Regional Best Manager. She also received the state awards by the decree of the President of Mongolia such as Orders of “North Star” and “Red banner and Labour” for her successful job and achievement.  


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